The Mind Museum Turns 2!

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The Philippines' first world-class science museum celebrates it's 2nd anniversary with mind-blowing excitement for wanderers of all ages.

I am naturally curious. Learning is exciting for me. I used to read children's encyclopedias during my free time whenI was younger. Library was my sanctuary. My wonderland.
Don't get me wrong, being genius is not in my blood. I struggled in school and got bad grades most of the time. I did not get any extra credit or get placed on honor roll. But as they say, the ones who have bad grades are often the ones with..ahem.. higher I.Q....... NOT!
I recalled asking my hubby to bring me to a museum for our date once. Museums and art galleries always fascinates me.
Maybe the ambiance?
When I got an invite last March 22 for the launching of 2014 exhibits and educational programs in The Mind Museum and for their 2nd year celebration as well, I was ecstatic. Why? I was planning to purchase discount vouchers for my 3 one week before. Sadly, vouchers were all sold out. What I felt was divine intervention after receiving an invitation for this event. A blessing in disguise.

Two years of wide-eyed wonderment!
Over half a million people have come away inspired after visiting The Mind Musuem in BGC since it's launch in 2012. Many of them are Filipino families and students ,  both from private and public schools, all of which have witnessed science and nature roaming , talking , exploding , and flying , be it thru exhibits , or the museum's educational programs.

The Mind Museum , a non-profit organization of the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. , takes pride in being a museum designed by Filipinos for Filipinos , as it reaches out to the world to contribute to the public understanding of science.

During the event , we were given this Museum Passport to be filled with stickers, it was sort of an Amazing-race-type-of-a-game. Before getting all those stickers, we needed to participate in all the activities that will be shown to us. "Patience is a virtue". We did not win but the experience alone was already a winning moment for me and my 3.

 This was one of the activities needed to accomplish in order for us to get 1 sticker. Ayji enjoyed it the most. 

 When I visited Hongkong, I was planning to buy a telescope for I was a frustrated astronomer back then. I opted for the TV microscope instead. So, you see, I was kind of geeky but not really! Haha
 This rotating tunnel made me and my kids super dizzy but fun actually!

We had a chance to experience and watch Google Lunar XPrize full dome planetarium entitled "Back to the Moon for good "
Narrated by the award-winning actor Tim Allen, the 25-minute digital film highlights the history of exploring the moon and provides an insider's look at the teams vying for the $30 million Google Lunar XPrize , the largest incentivized prize in history.
You can watch this and other documentaries every Tuesdays to Sundays , 9am to 4pm

My 3 were amazed with the humongous bones of  Mr. T-Rex. They were so scared at first because they thought it would move like in the movie The Night at the Museum.
Ayji was trying out this Tornado thingy
The Static ball was the main attraction for them. Don't ask why, haha!

Mr. Manuel Blas II, Managing Director and Ms. Maria Isabel Garcia, the curator of of The Mind Museum shared about what the museum has been doing the past 2 years and the plans for the coming months.
This year, patrons can expect more awesome exhibits, shows and activities presented in a whole new level.

By end of April, a portion of museum's second floor will be housing a special exhibition for a limited run. Launched in Singapore last 2013 , " THE APOCALYPSE PROJECT - Imagined Futures " explores possible creative lifestyles under climate change.
One area will display Climate Change Couture for the future.

 You can now choose from a list of unique and really awesome summer programs for your kids!

Crime Scene Investigation 101 ( C.S.I 101 ) -
For detectives wannabes, kids can learn how to gatherand analyze evidence from a crime scene.
9am to 5pm
10 -13years old ( April 8 ) 1,500
14-17years old ( April 11 - 13 ) 3,800
18- 25 years old ( April 26- 27 ) 3,200

Junior Mind Mover Program -
A series of exercises and workshops that are designed to expose kids to the work of scientists in museums 7-9yrs ( April 23 - May 10 / Wed-Fri / 9am-12nn ) 2,500
10-13yrs( April 22-May 17 / T Th S / 1pm-6pm ) 5,000
14-17yrs(April29-May 23 / W Th Fri / 1pm-6pm ) 5,000

Marine Science Camp -
Marine biologists from the California Academy of Sciences take the explorers to a closer underwater look into the coral reefs of Anilao, Batangas!
Ages 7 and up!
May 1 / 1pm -530pm / At the Museum  / Half day briefing and workshops
May 2-3 ( 2 full days overnight ) / Aiyanar Resort,Anilao,Batangas
7,500/head / 7000/head for a group of 2-3
6,800/head for a group of 4
Inclusive of transpo , accommo , food and activity materials.

Soccer Science -  
Soccer game training and science workshop rolled into one.
Ages 13 to 22
May 14-15 / 9am - 5pm ( Mind Museum ) , 6-8pm ( BGC Turf)
2,800 inclusive of jersey bib, snacks and facility fees

There are also the staple features such as monthly science parties called " MINDBURSTS " ,
and free science conversations with rock star scientists from here and all over in "CAFE SCIENTIFIQUE"

One thing's for sure.
There's always something new and exciting waiting around the corner at The Mind Museum!


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