Celebrating Christmas With The Aliens at the British School Manila

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year indeed for everyone, more so for the parents at the British School Manila, as they were in for a wonderful surprise. They were all delighted to find the main hall converted into a festive theater, complete with space designs and make-believe spaceship.

On Thursday morning of December 3, the EYFS and Key Stage 1 presented a spectacular show, entitled ‘Christmas with the Aliens’ by Nikki Lewis, that has brought so much happiness.

The traditional Christmas story is retold to some alien visitors who become stranded on earth and meet a group of schoolchildren rehearsing their Christmas play. The main hall was filled with Christmas cheer, thanks to their fantastic acting and singing of great songs such as “Where am I?” and “A Star Kept Shining”.

The Nursery and Reception children were twinkling stars, dressed in spangly silver and gold.
The kids' wondrous performances of the traditional Christmas Songs like ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’, ‘Little Donkey’ and the ever popular ‘Feliz Navidad', made the presentation even more extraordinary.
This was a spectacular way to begin the festivities at the British School Manila culminating in the joyous applause at the finale.
BSM’s youngest group in school not only sang beautifully and looked amazing in their costumes but they also delivered their lines with confidence and panache, testament to the practice and hard work put in by the students guided by their teachers to get to this level of performance.
The EYFS and KS1 production reminded everyone what Christmas is all about: bringing everyone together regardless of everyone's differences and a grand celebration of HIS incredible act of love.

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