Lucky shoppers take home awesome prizes at Watsons' Switcher Surprise #SwitchAndSave

Like what I constantly say on my blog posts, I have to become money-wise, now that I'm a mother of 3.

We all like to have more money to enjoy things in life, but how can we achieve that goal if there are financial worries?
Learning the right money strategies and evolving into becoming a resourceful one can definitely help.
But, of course, Switching to Watsons will always SAVE the day.

This Asia's leading health and beauty retailer, recently launched an amazing campaign last January 26 and 28 at the SM Mall Of Asia, where several shoppers had a double surprise waiting for them simply by making the Switch and choosing Label products.

Switch and Save campaign is the campaign they've launched way back in 2012, which is Watsons Label that includes personal care items, the essentials, and later on for generic medicines which are called Watsons Generics.
The idea of the campaign is very simple--the campaign is meant to revolutionize the shopping and the way the shoppers think on shopping, so people can save on bigger things in life.
Watsons wants to bring the experience-kind of approach that brings to life the idea of the campaign.
The media were treated to a sumptuous lunch at Burgoo prior to the activity, while waiting for the celebrities to arrive at the venue. I had yummy pasta and Vanilla Milkshake!

So, anyway, the Watsons staff were on the hunt for the lucky shoppers who'll pick up specially marked Watsons Label products to instantly be the winner and have the chance to take home great amazing prizes such as flatscreen TV, dream travel tickets to local and foreign destinations, smartphones, etc. This was for Watsons' Switcher Surprise.
Ms. Jennifer and her fiance from Pennsylvania, got so lucky that day and took home a brand new 43'' Flatscreen TV!
She just bought Watsons wipes to get the spots off her fiance's clothing because her fiance said he's always has spots on it, just like a big baby.
"She takes good care of me, so that's very nice. I'm ecstatic and so overjoyed and pleased. Thank you Watsons for the nice surprise!"

The other lucky shopper from Texas USA, who bought 5 thousand worth of supplements for her family, plus a brand new reading glasses for herself, has won an all expense paid ticket for 2 to Hongkong!

Ms. Esther Blanco was guided to a specially designed booth, where Ms. Lorna Tolentino personally handed her awesome prize.

"I was not sure why there were cameras and when I bought the glasses, they brought me to a booth and there were poppers! I was totally surprised!"

Just like Ms. Esther, Ms. Lorna Tolentino has been an avid Watsons products user for years now.
For me, I hoard Watsons Products, specially the buy 1 take 1 cream hand soaps because the scents are divine!
I always get these products as gifts for teachers and they love them as well.
For Ms. LT, Generic Ascorbic Acid and some herbal medicine such as Luyang Dilaw or Turmeric are among her favorites.

But aside from taking supplements, she watches her diet as well. Walking is the best for her nowadays for the reason that she can no longer visit the gym due to her back problems.

Celebrity switcher, Ms, Iya Villania, again, surprised another lucky shopper,and this time, Julie from Canada won a trip for 2 to Boracay after purchasing a razor and a tissue for her daughter.

"There are so many products that you can purchase and end up saving more, so you can spend your money on other things that you realy want to save on, like travelling, shopping on shoes, or even for educational plan," Villania says.
"If you Switch and Save now to Watsons, you'll have the capacity to buy more affordable things and it really helps to do your research. To try and experiment before you stick to one, cause you might find something there that is cheaper that works just as well. 
And even on spending on these daily essentials, imagine how much you can really save when you adopt and learn how to really save throughout the year. 
It might just be 10 or 15 pesos that you're saving on that 1 product but on the many times you'll buy that throughout the year , you can save so much."
Watsons doesn't want to preempt the exciting lineup of events for 2016, so they want their loyal customers to keep coming back and visiting their nearest and most favorite Watsons branch to look out for the great activities under Switch and Save campaign.
In addition to Watsons #SwitcherSurprise, Watsons also has the Buy 2 take 1 promo on selected label products from January 22 to March 2016.

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