SURPLUS' New Look for the New Year at Sm City Masinag

When I became a mom, money management was the first ever lesson I needed to learn the hard way. Without the right savings strategies and becoming resourceful at the same time, I can never survive.
Fortunately, I’ve been lucky enough to have an excellent teacher guiding me on spending and saving--my hubby.
He thought me how to become.. not cheap but frugal-- about prioritizing the spending journey, to have more of the things I truly care about. I learned how to maximize our money and taught me where to find the perfect store.
Many of us moms are looking for a place that is affordable but at the same time, with quality items that will stand the test of time.
Yes, there are tons of discount clothing stores out there, but for moms like me, Surplus is the only shopping haven that is truly worth shopping at. Low prices and yet stylish.
Last year, I bought 3 pairs of winter gloves from Surplus before we went to Hongkong, I never thought I could find a pair for only 199 pesos!
Mostly, the prices in other stores would cost more and not within my budget. I'm fortunate enough to find them the last minute.
Good thing that I was invited to witness the ribbon cutting ceremony of the new Surplus earlier this morning at SM City Masinag, because I needed to get something for my sister for her travel soon. It used to be near Razon's but it is now relocated and you can easily spot them at the upper ground floor near David's Salon.

Illuminating the store entrance is a bright Surplus signage that welcomes every shopper into a treasure trove of great fashion finds.
Surplus store's latest look, which signals a brand new identity, invigorates the shopping vibe with curved walls and walk path that creates a seamless transition from one area to another.
On the other hand, dark gray floor tiles form a circular spot at the mid-part of the store to emphasize the merchandise mix.
Overall materials and lighting used in the new store creates an urban yet youthful ambiance, while modern day graphics add excitement to the shopping experience.

Store windows and LCD televisions sets constantly playing fashion videos-- to show customers the coolest store finds and how to mix and match their wardrobe essentials.

Shopping here at this new store is easy as the items are labeled according to their categories.
Surplus' new edgy look brings forward a lifestyle that is so now, new, and fun!
 Shoppers will continue to enjoy mixing, matching, and layering great fashion finds at incredible savings here.
 Trendy and yet affordable jackets, shorts, tees, and pants can be seen throughout the store for the fashion forward.
Women can also find fun and fab tops, as well as pretty and flirty skirts for everyday wear.
The store also carries great selection of accessories and novelty items plus trendy shoes and fashionable bags.
They even have huge fitting rooms with full length mirrors and good lighting, plus a package counter for your convenience.

Be among to visit Surplus' updated store located at the upper ground floor when you visit SM City Masinag the next time.

Also you can check out Surplus newest store at Walter Mart Tanauan.
Enjoy #GreatFashionFinds by visiting their IG account Surplush_ph and twitter account SurplusPh

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