I'm HOOQed with Mad Dogs! #HOOQ

Who else remember this high-rated crime-drama-comedy series starring Max Beesley? Have you watched any of it?
If you don't recall nor see it, I wouldn't be too surprised, since it only has a total of 14 episodes being aired back in 2011.
Mad Dogs from 2011 was a Mallorca-set crime-drama-comedy that pursued the reunion of 4 friends. When they needed to visit the 5th member of the group on his place, everything went bat-shit crazy.
Now, the 2016 version of Mad Dogs, on the othere hand, is way awesome, not only because Steve Zahn is there to add some comedy in the entire series, but because Billy Zane is there to showcase once again his many talents. It's a dark, edgy comedy just like the 2011 version.
If you've already seen the movie The Truth about Cats and Dogs (I've seen it like a million times LOL), Ben Chaplin's features was then captivating, especially at the scene from the late-night telephone conversation between Abby and Brian. He's older now, of course. You can't expect him to stay captivating forever. But he's still great nonetheless.
The Sopranos' Michael Imperioli's charscter will add up to the hysteria, along with The 40-Year-Old Virgin's very own Romany Malco. Really great cast in my opinion.
When I saw the first part at the exclusive screening, I was like "WT?!" I really didn't see it coming. Never expected it to turn out the way it did. But it was awesome!
Again, the series furthers not in Mallorca but in a gorgeous Belizean Villa in Central America, where Milo, played by Billy Zane, assembled his group to celebrate his early retirement. So, you're there watching and thinking it's the perfect holiday right? But it's not. It's the holiday from hell because of all the lies, deception, murder, intrigue.With the cat staring back at you, not good..at all.
This is usually not the type of series I would binge-watch, but after the preview, I may follow it on HOOQ.
What's nice about Mad Dogs is that the production values is quite phenomenal. This is the only series shot entirely in 4k.
It's really perfect on video demand service because as supposed to other tv shows, where you'll have to wait every week for the next episode to come out, this one you'll get all 10 episodes in 1 day!
You'll find the creators of this series had a really wide canvass of telling the story and it allows them to get more creative freedom, and has a lot of leeway in building the story of Mad Dogs.
Now, you can binge-watch the series with me anytime too, thanks to HOOQ. It's single and uninterrupted and you can see the progression in one go.
There are over 30,000 hours of Hollywood and local content, all meant for people to consume under internet devices. So as long as you download the app, on IOS or Android, then you can watch any show anytime and anywhere.

Did you know that HOOQ is the first in the world to give offline viewing? Which means you can download up to 5 movies or tv shows andthen watch them even when you're not online.
If you want the best of Hollywood, then get hooked with HOOQ. Not only Hollwood but a good local line up for movies and tv shows as well. And just recently, they've started beefing up their independent film library.

Sign up for a 30 day trial http://www.hooq.tv/ to experience the greatness of HOOQ. You don't need to be a Globe subscriber in order to watch on HOOQ.
You can pay thru Globe mobile , Tattoo Home Broadband or you can just charge it to your credit card.


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