Health Warriors Turn Focus on Defeating Dengue with #AlliedAgainstDengue

After 11 years of cooling patches and paracetamols, I'm no expert as always in handling kids when they have fever. I still panic whenever they get sick just like the first time my eldest spiked a temperature of 40'c-- all hot and flushed. I recall when my youngest son would get a high fever, he would act in a way that scares me -- you know, with a bit of hallucinations plus waking up really scared and not recognizing familiar faces. These sorts of things.
(But thankful to 1 expert partner here).

They say that fevers act some sort of cleansing for the body that throws off toxins and shouldn't make you worry one tiny bit. It is not something to be feared (unless the person has an underlying medical condition) . But when the doctor tells you that your child has Dengue, it's a completely different story.

Just last week, my eldest daughter ran a very high temperature and no it was not Dengue. Just a manageable asthma attack. The fever ranged from 38-39'C on and off for several days with a slight difficulty in breathing. She's all well now.
Speaking of Dengue, I was invited to be part of GSK's Allied Against Dengue - an event that will initiate nationwide empowerment to defeat Dengue since DOH announced that there are about 3.9 billion people already in 128 countries suffering from this. My kids are not immune as they too fell prey to Dengue fever a few years back.
Good thing medical school taught us how to detect Dengue at its earliest by using the torniquet technique.

Other than a high temperature and petechiae (red or purple spot after torniquet test), these are the additional warning signs of severe Dengue :
  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Bleeding nose and gums
  • Persistent vomiting with or without blood
  • Drowsiness/confusion/seizures
  • Pallor/cold/clammy hands or feet
Children with severe Dengue infection require urgent medical care and usually need to be hospitalized. You should always remember that it is usually life-threatening and requires immediate medical attention, as the first 24-48 hours after severe symptoms emerge are critical to avoid complications. Give them paracetamol as it is the safest.

Did you know that Dengue fever is not only seen in tropical countries like the Philippines but also in other countries like France and the US? And we often see this in news the whole year round. The vector is actually present here in the Philippines which is the Aedes Mosquito that is why it is prevalent.

The dengue is so alarming that united efforts have to be taken to prevent more victims and deaths.
At the GSK event, they have announced about their uniting forces with other organizations in the Philippines to fight off Dengue including the DOH, PPHA, Mercury Drug corp., Smart Parenting and CNN Philippines.
For the last 20 years, the Department of Health has been an advocate in creating Dengue risk-free Philippines and part of it is organizing something like Allied Against Dengue.
Allied Against Dengue was created as a non-profit open platform with the aim to empower healthcare providers, organizations and communities; and reduce impact of Dengue on the nation in a holistic manner from prevention and control management.

More than 1,200 pediatricians and pharmacists will be involved in the public education and awareness of Dengue fever across the Philippines.
Dengue Primer has also been introduced by the DOH that will be distributed in public schools within Metro Manila this year and more schools for next year. 50 thousand of the booklets will be distributed near "hot spots".

Dengue vaccine is also coming in. Dengue experts are focusing on what happened, what's happening, and what's going to happen regarding the vaccine.
Between age 9 to 45 years old can now avail the Dengue vaccine. And this Tetravalent vaccine is safe and effective against all four dengue serotypes.

Doc Eric Tayag encourages everyone to use their 4 S strategy:
  • Search and destroy mosquito breeding sites that has to be emphasized. 
  • Self protection measures like choosing repellents or using mosquito nets during daytime. 
  • Seek early consultation and not to panic. 
  • Say NO to indiscriminate fogging and YES only during outbreak.
Lasty, Allied Against Dengue is set to roll out a series of initiatives including train-the-trainer programs, organized information centers through the coalition partners' networks, community education activation, and employee volunteers, who will be part of and drive the community outreach at Dengue hot spots.
Top Blogger Rowena Wendy Lim Lei of Animetric's World joins Allied Against Dengue movement

Brand ambassador for Calpol, Ms. Jolina Magdangal-Escueta joins Allied Against Dengue movement
Want to know more about this and how to be an ally against Dengue?
You may contact them at 1800-14441-0884 / 1800-8908-8275 or at
Be an Ally Against Dengue now.

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