When Insomnia Strikes..again! #DunlopilloMoments

It's already 2:00 a.m. and still you can't sleep. And you still need to wake up at 4am to make breakfast for the kids. You're trying so hard but you just could not sleep.
Honestly, the trouble with sleeping hasn’t come upon me just because of my aging. Even when I was a little girl, it seems that as soon as I would lie down, my mind would start racing with ideas about the next day or my mind is just filled with ..I really don't know.. stuff.

Trying to get a good night’s rest in a bed can be extremely difficult and there are factors you might want to consider that affects the quality of sleep. Your mattress too can greatly affect getting to slumberland with a ceaseless tossing and turning. Good thing Dunlopillo is here to address the issue of sleeping.

It's truly important to put everything into perspective when you talk about mattresses. Because you need to understand what is the importance of sleep anyway. And you know, we always take it for granted.
I ask you this : Do you still get a quality sleep?
We think sleep is just a simple process but no. It's really highly organized and crucial in our survival and our body is made to coordinate everything so we can actually maximize the benefits of sleep.
When we sleep, we go to different stages and one is REM sleep or Rapid Eye Movement sleep when the dreams usually occur.
There is also a non-REM sleep which is sub-divided into light sleep and deep sleep.
Did you know that we actually spend a big part of our deep sleep in the first half of the evening where we usually do our blogging and extra things at night. They say it is the vital hour.
Deep Sleep on that time is the most restorative. Meaning, if you don't get a good deep sleep, you're cranky in the morning and the mind and body won't function well.
Hormones are also secreted during those hours, most specially growth hormones for kids.

So, what will happen to the body lacking of sleep?

  • The immune system changes - you tend to get sick easily. 
  • Produce inflammatory substances such as Cortisol that makes aging faster and contributes to hypertension as well. 
  • Increases the possibility of becoming obese. You notice that the youth nowadays are obese and overweight mostly because of sleeping late. The body releases a hormone that makes you gobble up everything in sight, mostly the unhealthy things. 

So, what can you do to have a good night's sleep?
Here are a few tips that can actually help you to have a good sleeping pattern. Goodbye dark circles!

  • You need to have a stimulus control - changing of the environment so it will be conducive to sleeping.
  • No to napping in the afternoon.
  • Avoid lounging on the bed that is not sleep related ( checking emails, social media accounts, watching movie with a laptop..)
  • Have a strict and regular sleeping schedule - the more irregular sleeping pattern you have, the more insomnia-prone you will be. 
  • Control caffeine. Say goodbye to Starbucks. 
  • Keep your meals light before going to bed.
  • Go for Dunlopillo;s Talasilver Wave - With over 85 years of scientific research and innovation, this will provide superior comfort and support.

The Revolutionary Latex -The Talasilver Wave is produced using a revolutionary latex technology that involves electromagnetic waves to vulcanize latex from the inside out. 
This advanced technology sets Talasilver Wave apart from the current mattresses in the market.   

Talasilver Wave : 
  • The unique design allows you to move freely as you sleep without compromising body support and comfort. 
  • Aligns the spine for optimal blood circulation and reduces one’s tendency to toss and turn in sleep. 
  • Allows for excellent ventilation and air circulation. 
  • Keeps the body’s temperature at a comfortable level, thus offering good quality of sleep throughout the night.   
  • Has Nano-Silver Technology that eliminates and prevents growth of 99.9% harmful bacteria. 
  • Has the best ecological footprint, setting the benchmark in the entire latex history.   
There is hope for us, people!
Because at Dunlopillo, they understand good sleep and that bedrooms are sacred places where some of life’s sweetest moments happen. 

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