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Whether you're an amateur cook, food enthusiast or a full-blown home maker, there's always something or a cooking event to excite you.
One of them for me was Ajinomoto's recent cooking event "Step up your cooking with PORKSAVOR®" held at the demo kitchen room at CCA.
I was fortunate to experience first hand Ajinomoto's brand PORKSAVOR® All-in-One Seasoning Mix and its quality products.

Ms. Daryl Magno, Ajinomoto’s Category Manager – Flavor Seasonings explained about what made PORKSAVOR® so special and what sets it apart from all the seasoning brands available in the market.
Ms. Nancy Reyes-Lumen was also there to give a live cooking demonstration with PORKSAVOR® as her partner in the kitchen.
We all get to smell and taste what she cooked the entire time. But the highlight was really Enrique Gil and her mom, Ms.Bambi Gil gracing the event as PORKSAVOR®'s newest celebrity endorsers.
There is a saying that the only way to learn to cook is to do it yourself. But for me, it's easier and more fun when you're around someone as fun and bubbly like Enrique Gil. After seeing the demonstrated techniques, I can now say I'm prepared to roll up my sleeves and put what I've seen that glorious day.
But before anything else, let me share with you a brief history of Ajinomoto's PORKSAVOR®.
The said brand was launched back in June 2014 and already in the market for two years now just in case you've never heard of it.
They mentioned that it's doing quite well for the past 2 years despite launching in a highly saturated market.
Since we have many brands in the seasonings category based on Nielsen data, they were still able to gather a good number of core users for PORKSAVOR®.
Filipinos just love food with strong meaty flavors and PORKSAVOR® can provide meaty taste and aroma for all types of dishes because it is made from natural pork meat and bone extract, complete with spices and seasonings.
PORKSAVOR® are available in 2 pack sizes, 8 grams - which is the retail size and 250 gram pack - the bigger size that caters mostly to caterings, restaurants, Karinderyas.
Pork is said to be the favorite of most households. A staple in the kitchen as known to many. There is a certain enjoyment of pork flavor. Apart from that, there is a special image when you say pork among Filipinos. In fact, you see it mostly in festivals and special occasions, pork is always present. Thus, PORKSAVOR® was launched. With its general meaty taste, no overwhelming flavor and very versatile.

Believing also that Enrique Gil is the perfect endorser as he is very versatile, fun, accommodating..just like the brand PORKSAVOR®. Ms. Bambi also has a high affinity to cooking.
Using PORKSAVOR®, Ms. Nancy Reyes-Lumen cooked meatless pancit, which makes a great high fiber snack for those limiting their cholesterol intake. Mrs. Bambi Gil, who knows her way around the kitchen, also helped prepare the PORKSAVOR® Veggie Soup and Pastel dishes. Both recipes are a step up from the usual ‘pambaon’ ideas and are likewise perfect for the rainy season.
The mother and son tandem of Bambi and Enrique Gil are thrilled to endorse a one-of-a-kind product like PORKSAVOR®.
While taping for the commercial, Enrique was fascinated with the burst of meatiness as he sampled food cooked with PORKSAVOR®.
Mommy Bambi loves to cook for her 3 children, and PORKSAVOR® can help her put in the effort to make meal times truly enjoyable for the whole family.
So , here's what I learned from this wonderful cooking event :

  • With PORKSAVOR®, you can actually cook dishes healthier but still with umami taste though without actually putting any meat in it.
  • ..That Enrique Gil was "pinaglihi" with tomatoes. Ms. Bambi would eat tons of raw tomatoes during her pregnancy.
  • ..That Enrique Gil loathes vinegar. He can't stand the smell and taste. But when mixed in a dish like adobo, the tastebuds would celebrate.
  • ..That His favorite dish is her mom's Spaghetti carbonara and Sinigang! 

More photos (of him, hihi) below:

Here are some of Ms. Nancy Reyes-Lumen's recipes using PORKSAVOR® 

Now you can prepare dishes using only PORKSAVOR® that can still provide the meaty taste in dishes even without meat. I'm sure your family will love the dishes!
Try them now and please share your stories below :)

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