It's #OishiSnacktacular2016 at the SM Mall of Asia

For 3 years in a row,  Oishi had been running spectacular events such as Oishisnacktacular and it was indeed one of the biggest events during the mid month of the year. At past Oishisnacktaculars, they've already introduced celebrities like Elmo Magalona, Slater Young, Ramon Bautista and Kean Cipriano as the event ambassadors. This year, it was the love team Kathryn Bernardo/Daniel Padilla, together with  Alex Gonzaga and Maine Mendoza who supported this super fun event!

The exciting affair was held at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall last July 15-17 showcasing interactive booths and fanfavorite snacks with Oishi's iconic Team O.
This is Oishi's way of giving back to people who continually supported them throughout the years. 
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They made this year's Snacktacular even more exciting as they also celebrated the 70th year of Liwayway Marketing Corporation, the company behind Oishi with the World of O,Wow booth!

Tried out various Oishi snacks that are unique to other countries such as Pillows Buko from Vietnam, Pods Manchurian Style from India and more!

We've seen some familiar booths like this Huge make-believe bag of Oishi Prawn Carckers where guests were able to strike their hottest poses. The setup was fantastic. It was like we're being transported inside a video game.

So, we headed next for the Oishi Make Your Own Oishi Snack booth where we can personalized our snack bag with different Oishi yummy goodies. For the base, I opted for the Ridges potato chips and Prawn crackers and for the flavors it's Garlic and Salt. Mixed them altogether made one fun snack.

Next to the snack catcher, the Oishi Smart C Slush's the one for me. I wanted to visit this booth again once everything's finished. Because for only 20 pesos, I was able to taste their newest addition the Smart C Calamansi and it's totally yummy and refreshing. The other summery drink is in Pomelo flavor. Just like before, I got so overwhelmed during the event and completely lost track of everything. So I wasn't able to get some more. Bummer.

So, the universe has yet again granted me my wish and transformed me into my favorite thing in the world - The human crane. I was MOM slash SUPERMAN for a minute or so. This thing is almost similar to the real thing inside play zones in malls.
But before anything else, they made sure of my safety first.
They strapped me into a harness, did several poses for the camera, plunged into a pool of Oishi goodies and every single thing I grabbed was all mine for only 200 pesos! Yeah, it used to be 120 but hey who's complaining.
Last year, for my first try, I had 64 chips. On the second, I got 85! This year, I got only 84? 86? I'm not sure. But at the first half , I was on top!

This is The Oishi Snack Shack.
For only 295 pesos, you can fill your Oishi 2ft. giant pack with all these Oishi goodies in 60 seconds. It was kind of disappointing because I was preparing myself to get all the Smart Cs and Choco Chugs and rehearsing how to settle the bottles to the bottom of the shelves. But sadly, no Smart Cs and Choco Chugs :(
But it was still filled with Oishi goodies nonetheless.

The Oishi Cuckoo Blaster was their newest and super fun booth! I'm not sure though how many balls I caught while wearing my fun Cuckoo suit. But I'm pretty sure I got a strong reaction from the crowd while doing my awesome "Tatlong Bibe" dance moves!

And the last booth we visited was the Oishi Twirl, where guests enjoyed yummy soft-serve ice cream made from Oishi Choco Chug and it's only 20 pesos!
For the toppings, I opted for the Wafu yema and Gourmet picks Natural Sea Salt. Yum!

It was indeed a fun and exciting weekend at the #OishiSnacktacular held in SM Moa!
Especially when guests were able to take home a limited edition 2 ft. Oishi giant pack just by sharing
photos or videos on their Instagram accounts using the hashtags #OishiSnacktacular and #SnacktacularWeekend!
Those who posted their Snacktacular experience on Instagram with the hashtag #OishiSnacktacular got additional +50 points on their Pass to Wow.

Hopefully the OishiSnacktacular will be an annual event and more exciting booths to come!

Stay updated with the latest #OishiOWow news on Facebook and @oishiph on Instagram and @oishi_tweets on Twitter by following their social media.

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