What To Expect at #OishiSnacktacular2016 #OishiOWow

Do you remember last year's #Oishisnacktacular?
Since I wanted to prove my worth to my kids and the blogging world, I went far and beyond and agreed to evolve into a super human crane. Yes, I wanted to be THAT for as long as I can remember.
And no, it was not for the sake of showing off--just making a genuine impact on everyone since I got a nice invite. My kids loved all the Oishi goodies I brought home for them.

And recently, Oishi Philippines has managed to create again quite some buzz around its upcoming #Oishisnacktacular 2016 and TEAM O isn't about to slow down so close to the event happening this weekend.
And once more, they've sent out personalized, super cool invites for this fun-filled event!
Talk about VIP, huh!

Invitees were sent a Super Mario style huge box containing the #Oishisnacktacular2016 Pass To Wow (a sort of map at the event's place, raffle stub) and loads of Oishi goodies!

If you're planning to go, you need to have this with you at all times, to be able to get your FREE Oishi shirt and other freebies.

The exciting affair will be held at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall this coming July 15-17 showcasing interactive booths, fanfavorite snacks, and Oishi's iconic Team O  members Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo, Ramon Bautista, Alex Gonzaga, Slater Young, and Elmo Magalona.

Before initiating press play, there are a few things you want to put in mind to fully enjoy the innovative booths of #Oishisnacktacular.

  • Be as inventive and imaginative at the Make Your Own Snack Booth, O-Twirl, Snack Shack and refreshing Slush C+.
  • The crowd's favorite is Oishi Snack Catcher so be there at the earliest to avoid long queue and huge crowd.
  • Be safe always. Get strapped up and guided to an enormous pool of Oishi snacks and grab all the treats you can take with your own hand.
  • Prepare yourself for Cuckoo Blaster: catch as many balls as possible with your Cuckoo suit on.
  • There will be a fee in each booth, like for the Snack Catcher, you have to pay P200 to dive in and grab all you can. P20 for other booths.
  • Have fun!

This year’s Snacktacular is made even more exciting as they celebrate the 70th year of Liwayway Marketing Corporation, the company behind Oishi with the World of O,Wow booth!

You can get a glimpse of Oishi snacks that are unique to other countries such as Pillows Buko from Vietnam, Pods Manchurian Style from India and more!

To turn up the O,Wow factor even more, Maine Mendoza, Oishi Ribbed Crackling's endorser will be introduced as Team O’s newest member.

With these #OishiSnacktacular tips, you're sure to emerge a winner!

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