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If there is one thing that me, my family, and my buddies have in common, it's love for food. Whether it be finding new restaurants or just cook at home, we always do this together. And one place we frequent for weekend dates is Kenny Rogers. Not only they serve the yummiest roasted chicken, but they serve the best side dishes.
Although Seattle's Best and Kenny Rogers Roasters usually share the same big space, it's unlikely for for us to dine and have coffee at Seattle's. Even if my uncle hands-out Seattle's Best gifts certificates, since he owns a branch located in SM San Lazaro - It's always Kenny Rogers. Especially now that they a brand-new offering, the Garlic Butter Roast.
This new offering was launched recently in Kenny Rogers Matalino Branch where guests were taken on a food journey by hearing, smelling and tasting Garlic Butter Roast called Awesome Sensession.  All throughout the program, guests were guided by a voice that was reminiscent of Solenn’s French accent. the language of love and romance.
Photo by Ed Uy 
Media guests were treated to a different sensorial experience which commenced with guests blindfolding themselves to lose their sense of sight and heighten their other senses. This was followed by sizzling sounds and the mouthwatering aroma of garlic and butter, exciting their palate before that delectable first bite of the Garlic Butter Roast.
Finally, Solenn and Nico appeared once the blindfolds were removed as a surprise to the guests.

"We wanted to take everyone through the sensory experience that our Garlic Butter Roast can bring. The home-style goodness of garlic and butter can transform any dish into a tempting and savory meal. That's why we Created an awesome experience like that." said Leonardo M. Berba, General by bl Philippines. Manager of Kenny Rogers

The power couple Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzlco is the newest ambassadors of Kenny Rogers Roasters Philippines.

You can enjoy a Garlic Butter Roast Solo Plate for only PHP 250, a Garlic Butter Roast Group Meal for only PHP 820 and a Whole Garlic Butter Roast for only PHP 550.

Kenny Rogers Roasters is a popular rotisserie chicken restaurant in the Philippines. 
It has been serving its famous menu from its signature roasted chicken, muffins and side dishes. Until today, it continues to expand its offerings by creating deliciously healthy choices. That's what keeps Kenny’s deliciously awesome! 

For more information about the event, check out #sosychick and #GBR on lnstagram or go to 

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