Beauty Brand MOSP Unveils New Packaging

I'm not sure when I started using make up or got particularly fond of it. Maybe it was during the time I got featured in a local magazine. Well to be honest, I'm a late bloomer to these sorts of things cause putting and using anything on my face terrifies me... a lot.
Why? I struggled with sensitive skin from the start and I scare easily thinking that the products would do more harm than good. Second, I have bad make up application skills and rely to the good hands of the pros.

But then In the midst of addiction and late night binge-watching of K-dramas, curiosity hit me of how gorgeous people these Koreans are. I started searching topics relating to their flawlessly dewy skin and aside from the environment that they have, Korean skin care products and make ups are their top most priorities in Korea! They have tons of regimens and wide varieties of beauty products.
Well, we should be expecting that especially from celebrities to be looking their best at all times. And these trends sort of struck a chord to young people across the globe, which makes Korea the world's sixth-largest exporter of cosmetics.

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to be part of a beauty bloggers event(not a beauty blogger though).
The intimate event held at a local coffee shop in Makati was about reintroducing a beauty brand here in the Philippines that is said to be made in Korea with a new packaging. I was surprised that I hadn’t heard of them before.
The old packaging
I searched around to see what I could learn about MOSP and I found out that this brand uses 

  • Amazing vegetables found in high altitude of cool regions
  • Contains abundant minerals and vitamins extracted from vegetables for natural and healthy skin. 
  • Main ingredients are tomato extract for inhibiting skin aging, carrot extract for a soft and healthy skin, yellow paprika extract for anti-skin trouble and clean skin, broccoli extract for skin soothing and skin metabolism, and eggplant extract for supplying nutrients to the skin and to prevent freckles. 

They guarantee you that Mosp products are natural skincare with precious and rare ingredients, for the healthiness and freshness of your skin.

Since these products said to target towards people who want anti-aging products but gentle , I think, at my age, I fit right into that category. Doubtful but I thought I'd give their CC and BB Creams a shot.

Luminous Moisturizing CC Cream SPF 50+/PA+++(50g)

This is a moisturizing CC Cream for all types of skin. 
Expresses natural beige color, which creates bright and healthy look on your skin. 
When you apply the product on the skin, the 3 color capsules break in minute particles and turn into natural beige tone. 
Its porous powder maintains your skin moisturized throughout the day. 
It provides sun block, whitening and anti-wrinkle effects.
Although a bit pricey(P995), this CC Cream holds a special place in my heart. 
Whenever I get sleep deprived, It reflects badly on my face and will look really tired and ugly for the day. So I needed a good concealer to mask those imperfections and I am so happy to  have received the MOSP make-up package! 
I was able to test out the product during an event and as the product promised, it neutralizes the redness and minimizes the pores without creasing. The CC Cream lived up to its name by moisturizing the face without being too greasy. It covers up a tired-looking face without the heavy feeling of a foundation. No need for me to use concealer. I also dabbed a Face Vita Brightening Pact, with a different sponge on the T-zone area to give my face a fresh finishing look. Voila!

Face Vita Brightening Pact(10g)

Portable pact for all types of skin (Day and night) P977
This pact contains minute particle powder that purifies your skin tone. 
This pact does not form any lumps.
The breathable micro powder factor dose not block the pore so as not to cause pore irritation. 
Thanks to the soft and moisture touch, this pact helps to maintain even and smooth skin tone. 
Powder pact for controlling sebum.

I received a nice compliment from a known publicist from ABSCBN that day, another reason why I'm sticking to these products for now. It's the perfect choice for those who is not into wearing too much make-up. Just apply a mascara, do the brows, then finish the look with your favorite lipstick and you're good to go!

For the Perfect Blemish Moisture Balm SPF50+/PA+++(50g)

Blemish balm cream for all types of skin (Day)
This BB Cream contains 5 vegetable extracts and has sun block function to protect your skin from UVA and UVB in daily life providing light skin coverage. 
This BB Cream is effective against wrinkles and helps to keep your skin healthy. 
This BB Cream not only serves as a foundation but also functions as BB cream. 
The soft crisp texture provides you with refreshing touch. 
This BB Cream helps your skin tone clear for a long time and to easily apply powder in the next step. 
This BB Cream prevents your skin from aging by effective whitening and anti-wrinkle properties.
Functional BB cream for skin-whitening, anti-wrinkle and UV protection
Priced at P991, the BB Cream is a bit darker compared to CC Cream but with similar effect on my face. After using and everything was settled, it leaves my face with almost a satin sheen. Not too dewy, but finely moisturized.

MOSP shelves are filled with the latest skincare products as well, promising to make you look years younger. Hoping to have the opportunity to try their products one of these days.

MOSP Skin Care and Maquillage
Brand Story

The brand name "mosp" is a Korean word which means beauty from within.

Special Features

MOSP is created with fresh air and perfectly purified natural water drawn from an altitude of 650m.

MOSP contains healthy vegetable extracts from high altitude, cool region.

Exclusively imported and distributed by:


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