HugKnucklesTV Enjoy The Jolliest Party With Fans At Jollibee BGC Triangle

3:46 PM
YouTube stars Josh and Sam Brooks, the duo behind the HugKnucklesTV channel, spent a joy-filled afternoon meeting and celebrating with their fans at Jollibee BGC Triangle Drive to celebrate Josh’s birthday recently.
Known as “HugKnuckles and HottSamn!” on their channel, the pair got endeared with Filipino viewers, after posting their reaction to the viral Kwentong Jollibee Valentine Series, other Jollibee-produced videos like the JolliDance showdown and other locally-produced content from other brands.

The two had a great time celebrating with their fans with the Jollirace-themed party made even more special with the appearance of Jollibee and friends. They enjoyed interacting live with the audience they have gasped, smiled, and cried with virtually over the past year.

Grateful for the experience, Josh said, "The love that we’ve been shown on the internet, we never really felt until we landed (in the Philippines).” 

HugKnucklesTV has over 18 million viewers and a sizeable part of that is a Filipino fan base. In many ways, Josh and Sam's reaction videos also helped create interest about the Jollibee brand and the variety of made-for-web videos it produces that resonate with people even from other countries. “We knew how much Josh and Sam also want to experience a Jollibee party and meet our mascots up close, that’s why we thought of throwing this Jollibee party treat during their recent trip to Manila," shared Arline Adeva, Jollibee’s PR and Brand Communications Director.
Spending almost a week in Metro Manila, the HugKnucklesTV's stars shared after seeing the Filipino brand in a different light. "Jollibee is really in tune with people’s lives. They’re all about the family, love and genuine care," shared HottSamn!

Josh, for his part, noted how generally happy and warm the Filipinos are. He said, "sometimes in life, it’s so easy to lose your smile and when we came to the Philippines and Jollibee, we found our smile. We found love. We found friendship and family. And that’s inspired by a true story."

Catch snippets of the adventures of HugKnuckles and HottSamn! in Manila by visiting Jollibee Philippines on Facebook or watching them on their YouTube Channel HugKnucklesTV.

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