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When we're craving for fried chicken--and I mean really, over the top craving--there's this one awesome fried chicken place in the city we need to visit. Me and my family have been eating at this fantastic Korean fast food chain after they've opened up several branches around the city and we just keep coming back on a regular basis.
You can always count not only on Bonchon's Korean fried chicken with skin so crisp, that each bite is more exciting than the last, but their friendly, 'almost Korean' service with a nice Korean atmosphere as well. I tell you, BonChon K-Style chicken is no ordinary fried chicken.
It’s made with love as it is freshly hand-glazed with a handful selection of signature fusion of Korean flavors, 4 deliciously unique glazes that will most definitely make you crave differently.
You can't imagine how excited I was after receiving an invite to board Bonchon Airways and experience South Korea, well, in Ayala Malls The 30th, that is.

It was my first time to visit this posh mall and honestly, this place may feel like it was made only for shopping, but already accessible to several restaurants for a splendid breakfast, lunch, and dinner and with the smaller crowds they have that you can take advantage of, while enjoying a lovely meal.

Since its revamp, Bonchon has been attracting more and more clients and foodies, thanks to their flavorful, reasonably priced food with staff so friendly and happy with their uniform make-overs, feels just like you're in Korea. The overhauled look instantly transports anyone there with its Western meets Asian vibe.
What used to be a plain and simple white brick wall has now turned into a wooden brick wall, truly capturing the modern barn feel. Not to mention the new improved lighting inside the store, perfect for Instagram-worthy K-Tastic moments.

Apart from their delightful chicken--BonChon’s well-loved Korean-Style Chicken, they also offer an array of K-Tastic meals to satisfy your Korean heart’s desires that you can almost star in your first-ever K-Drama.
Since they offer us to take home the meals we had that day, glad I included BonChon’s Gangnam Bao for my kids to try. Sandwiched between delicious two soft and creamy delicious bao, there is this option for you if you want it steamed or fried, with 100% real tender juicy chicken meat handcrafted with BonChon’s best-selling soy-garlic glaze. I love it fried! Unfortunately, this Gangnam Bao is only available at their Ayala Malls The 30th branch. And I said you go there and explore this delightful dish.
Since we're a family of ramen addicts, I honestly could imagine life eating only ramen noodles and nothing more. No week is complete without a ramen date. And Bonchon's Jjampong Spicy Noodle Soup is now on our list. With its perfect combination of Korean Hot Pepper Flakes, Bonchon’s special spicy seafood broth, egg noodles and topped with crispy fish poppers, this is the perfect side dish and snack, giving the spicy kick we've been craving for.
Another Bonchon dish you must try is the the crowd's favorite--Bibimbowl.
You can eat like a king and learn about Korean history as you savor each bite. The Bibimbowl dates back to the Joseon Dynasty, where Bibimbap (origin of Bibimbowl) is considered to be a royal court dish.
Deep-fried to perfection and mixed with your favorite Bibimbowl sauces – Original, Fiery Spice, and Creamy Curry, this K-Tastic dish will definitely give you the K-Tastic royal food treatment you deserve. It’s delicious Korean mixed rice garnished with a full assortment of well-seasoned ingredients. It’s filled with ten delicious components - carrots, egg strip, flavorful sauces and so much more.
They also offer a Korean-Mexican fusion with the Taco Bibimbowl that’s made from quality meat mixed with BonChon’s signature Korean glaze, freshly prepared salsa, soft Mexican bean, crunchy nachos, and finished with an enchanting mix of Korean-Mexican paste.
And this my friend, is my second favorite--Bonchon's Korean Beef Stew.
It's like tasting a Filipino dish but with a Korean twist with its true beefy flavor, that is made with premium tender beef chunks and spices that are slow-cooked for hours.
Served with thick and tender beef cuts and choice veggies, it’s definitely a Beefed Up K-Tastic experience.
And for the dessert? You can have a glimpse of Korean snowfall with the perfect after-meal Korean iced dessert Bingsu – a much celebrated Korean dessert that’s carved a special place in the hearts of millions. This dessert is sprinkled with bits of fruits and various toppings, drizzled with syrup, and topped with premium Milky Kreme. But what makes this Korean dessert different from other cold desserts is the ice. It’s made from ultra-fine, powder-like, snow ice that gives a one of kind experience like no other. It’s also available in varied flavors – Matcha Vanilla, Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Brownie and Mango Cheesecake!

So there.

Feeling the K-Tastic vibes yet?
Head over to the nearest BonChon store - the perfect place to live out the K-Tastic experience, because BonChon not only offers delicious Korean dishes, it offers the whole package of experiencing Korea.
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