Why Every Mom Needs This Bill Pass Into Law

Saw this online : A recent Parents magazine poll found that 92 percent of mothers agree with the statement.

Parents magazine posted a survey that shows 92% of their respondents agree in the statement "There's no tougher job than being a mom."
Aside from being the “light of a home,” a mother is arguably the busiest person in the house. We don’t have to do a laundry list of her activities every day to validate this statement.
That’s why for mothers like me, time is gold. We budget not only the monthly family allowance but also the time to finish all household chores. Services that can lessen time spent by mothers to complete will be a much welcome change.
One good example is the process of doing government transactions. Like for example, renewing car registration that personally has been my task since my husband is based in the province for work. I kid. I let my mom do all the hard work.
So, if an online registration is finally in place, mom would no longer require to go to LTO's main office to accomplish this task. She'll no longer need to face the biggest challenge of all, this city's transport miseries that have been putting a lot of tension not only to us commoners but on the government as well. With just a few clicks on my laptop, I myself would be able to finish all this while doing my daily routine at home, and without pestering mom.

“The establishment and implementation of an online facility for the registration of motor vehicle will promote transparency in LTO with regard to its manner of transacting with the public and will simplify the registration procedure, thereby reducing red tape and expedite transactions with the agency.” according to Senator JV Ejercito

There may be a lot of questions surrounding this bill, like assessing the vehicle's physical condition and determine whether it gets registered or not. Human aid is still vital. There are still things we need to learn, we could see at how our neighboring developed countries do it.
I'm so looking forward to seeing what will happen to Senator JV Ejercito's bill to automate vehicle registrations to finally reduce and eventually wipe out corruption in this rotten government agency.

Automation is definitely the best alternative. And I'm all for progress.


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