First Dibs On The Ribs!

4:51 PM
There’s something new cooking at Buffalo Wild Wings and we’re not ribbin’ you.

Baby Back Ribs will be the name of the game this September as the restaurant launches new ribs flavors by Chef Josh Boutwood.
Catch the rib craze and go the Fully Loaded route! With “fully-loaded”, we mean a full rack that’s crazily stacked with BBQ sauce, pico de gallo, bacon, and jalapeno!
Let the Taste of Japan satisfy you. It’s drizzled with miso mayo, teriyaki sauce, furikake, tobiko roe, and heaps of bonito flakes.

Or hop on to your last pit stop with the Asian Flavor Explosion. It’s one whole rack slathered in Asian toppings and Buffalo Wild Wings’ famous Asian Zing sauce.
Drop by any time this September at Buffalo Wild Wings and get 1L San Miguel Beer or 1L Iced Tea on the house when you order any of the new ribs!

This promo is available from September 1-30, 2019 in all Buffalo Wild Wings branches.
It is valid for dine-in orders only, and cannot be combined with other promos and discounts.

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