The First-Ever CoCo Chill Camp And Why You Must Visit!

When you ask me about my first ever milk tea experience,well, it was back in college when I tried every single drink from the menu of this small shop right in front of our building in Morayta.
My favorite was the regular milk tea with just pearls and the green apple with lotsa ice. Just pearls meaning no added weird stuff like we usually see now in milk teas. No milk tea craze back then ( and no widespread of diabetes cases, I guess).
Now, everyone wanted a piece of the action and milk tea shops continuous to sprout like mushrooms. You can see a milk tea shop at every corner, kahit kapitbahay mo nagtitinda.
I even planned on opening a milk tea shop back in 2012 but the hype died quickly that year and it was only around 5 years ago that milk tea made a huge comeback which mainly franchises from Taiwan.
Before, you can see someone holding a tall cup of coffee before going to school or work, now it's milk tea. Although the ingredients used in milk tea are made of sugar, sugar, and more sugar with artificial coloring and flavors added, it's yummy and exciting especially for the millennials.
Their favorite?
Of course, milk tea from Coco Tea! The reason why they recently won the People's Choice Awardee for Favorite Milk Tea brand because they are indeed yummy and exciting.

I always opt for Panda Milk tea but yesterday, I was fortunate to try different flavors like Lemon Yakult Slush, Caramel Choco Cream, Salty Cream Milk, and Taro Milk tea at the much buzzed-about 3-day CoCo Chill Camp held at the SM Mega Fashion Hall. I fell in love with lemon yakult, of course. Thanks to Coco Chill Camp, uniting CoCo fans in one big happy celebration!
The CoCo Chill Camp is CoCo's way of expressing its warmest thanks to its hordes of fans who have tirelessly queued up in all its branches nationwide, to get their personal favorite drinks.

Ever since young entrepreneur Larry Evans Tan brought CoCo to the Philippines five years ago from the milk tea capital of the world, Taiwan, CoCo has rapidly become a top player in the Filipino milk tea craze and is one of the strongest markets of the CoCo brand worldwide.
Social media rockstars, who are self-confessed CoCo lovers, ThatsBella, Rei Germar, Janina Vela and LA Aguinaldo, joined the other CoCo fans on the opening day, sharing their love for the brand and revealing their favorite CoCo drinks. ThatsBella and Rei also had the opportunity to visit Taiwan last month to interview CoCo founder Chairman Tommy Hung.

CoCo leads in the global tea market with a formidable 4,000 branches spread out across the world and posting an incredible sale of 100 cups per second globally.
In the Philippines, where it has become the go-to milk tea brand, one CoCo cup is sold every 4 minutes via delivery alone—further proving the love for CoCo that expands beyond the physical store.

“We’ve seen how well CoCo was received by Filipinos. The CoCo Chill Camp is our way of showing our loyal fans and supporters that we feel their love. And so we want to give them back the happiness that our drinks have brought to their lives, by giving them an experience that’s uniquely created for them,” said Tan, CoCo Philippines General Manager.
The CoCo Chill Camp showcased fun activities for everyone’s delight, including a CoCo Panda Pit, CoCo Pachinko, and CoCo Pearl Toss. These games come with with exciting prizes for lucky guests.

Exclusive limited edition CoCo merchandise were also sold at the CoCo Chill Camp, including the CoCo shirts with cool designs that would make every CoCo lover wear it with pride.
And if CoCo fans could not seem to get enough of the bestsellers—Panda Milk Tea, 3 Buddies Milk Tea, White Pearl Milk Tea, and Passion Fruit Tea Burst, CoCo launched a new flavor that is quickly starting to be the new favorite—the Caramel Chocolate Cream, EXCLUSIVE to the Philippine market.

Remember : cups and cups of our favorite #CoCoMilktea! You must not miss this 3-day event!

Okay, okay. Although I often experienced uneasiness when consuming milk tea, I'm still glad there’s always something new coming up that makes all of us feel excited about whats going to try tomorrow.

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