Getting To Know Ate Cong And Her Vision For A Sustainable City

What makes a good leader?
I read somewhere that a good leader must consistently possess some of the core traits like being courageous, caring, has the ability to inspire, with positive attitude, and most especially with a heart.
Courage is not just about doing heroic acts but facing adversities and criticism while remaining unshaken.
Since the city of San Jose Del Monte has numerous ongoing development projects said to be very beneficial to the community, of course there will always be negative rumors and harsh criticism, but Congresswoman Rida Robes does not grapple and has learned to be like rubber and let their words bounce off of her. Instead, she continues to do what is right for her constituents and pursuing excellence in every job.

Ate Cong, as what her constituents calls her, has shown sincere interest and genuine concern not only for the women of San Jose Del Monte, but also inspiring and motivating the current generation and generations to come, raising the youngsters with integrity, and changing the city for the better. There is now a bill on the way to the senate seeking the establishment of a mental health center in the lone district of their city to cater to the psychiatric needs of its constituents. The increase in the rate of death by suicide among 15-25 year-olds in the city are very alarming, hence the bill. It deeply affects families and the communities with long-lasting effects on the people left behind.

Included in her pediatric health care program is the banning of junk foods in schools. Since children only see junk food in canteens, it would be their first choice. Junk food is highly unhealthy and can transform fit, healthy human beings into obese, lazy people. Junk foods can also affect the brain and can lead to depression then suicide eventually.
She also extends her support to breastfeeding mothers, announcing some of the city's maternal health programs since breast milk provides more nourishment and a good source of antibodies to protect the babies from viruses and bacteria than those of high-priced formulas in the market today. In fact, she discussed about her vision in making San Jose Del Monte the nation’s main public human milk bank just like what she saw in Taiwan; providing breast milk to infants born prematurely or who have infectious diseases. The process and implementation will never be easy as there will be strict screening procedures, but nothing is impossible with a positive mindset.

Another good news is -- St. Bernadette Children's and Maternity Hospital will soon rise along Grotto Barangay Graceville that will benefit the people from San Jose Del Monte to a great extent.

You see, congresswoman Rida Robes is more than just a pretty face. She has all the core traits mentioned above. She's a young entrepreneur, a socio-civic organizer, an events management expert, a human resource management consultant and a public servant with a heart. She's a major force in women and children's movement, a good leader indeed.

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