Improving Lives of Filipinos Through Healthy Skin | Cetaphil's National Healthy Skin Mission

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Cetaphil, as a brand, continuously fulfills a mission wherein giving Filipinos better lives through healthy skin.
And the recent Cetaphil's National Healthy Skin Mission event held at SM City Makati was truly an eye opener as I've learned more about the proper way of taking care of the skin.
The last two days of the event, guests started getting to know about their skin type and what is best for it. Also learned about dealing with Atopic Dermatitis or Eczema and skin care for babies. The third and final leg of the event was more relatable for the general population as the topic was the person's over-all well being. Cetaphil invited social media influencers and celebrities alike who gave testimonials as well about not neglecting the skin health. 

Now, I ask you this :
Does your face feel clean but not tight after you wash it?
Does your face feel hydrated and well moisturized?
Is it free from scales and flakes?
Do you use sunscreen to protect your skin from having sun spots?
If you answered yes to all four, then you have healthy skin, the four components of which are eveness, smooth texture, hydration, and normal sensations.

You may have skin that looks beautiful and glowing but it is not necessarily healthy.
If you're not really familiar about your skin type, well, you're not alone.

At the Cetaphil event, you can actually know your exact skin type using sort of a skin contraption and see the results for like 5 seconds.
Miggy Cruz, Lauren Uy, and Sarah Lahbati also joined in the discussion and the fun activities, plus, we learned about a chance to win a trip for two to Bali! The SNAP, POST & PRINT will give you the chance to win a wellness trip in Bali, Indonesia when you visit any of Cetaphil's National Healthy Skin Mission cascade areas.

Healthy skin looks and feels smooth. The key word is consistent. It does not have to be as smooth as glass. Consistent skin color is also a sign of good health. Plump skin is also a sign that it is well hydrated.

"National Healthy Skin Mission is an effort initiated by Cetaphil in partnership with Watsons. As Cetaphil’s brand purpose is to improve lives of Filipino’s through healthy skin. It is consistent with Galderma's commitment to promoting healthy skin as part of a healthy lifestyle. To be completely healthy, you also need healthy skin," said Cetaphil Brand Manager, Francesca Sy
"We are very happy to be partnering with Galderma and Cetaphil for National Healthy Skin Mission. At Watsons, we believe that you can look good, feel great by being healthy inside and out," said Watson’s Category Manager, Aimee Pernia

As part of the National Healthy Skin Mission, Cetaphil imparts that there are different skin types. A complicated skin care routine is not the key to healthy skin. What is important is to come up with a skin care routine that is geared toward your skin type and skin issues.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is the most iconic product of Cetaphil. It is fragrance-free, has a pH level of 5.5 and is even gentler than water. It is the gentlest cleanser you can use on your skin, whatever your skin type and concern.
The Cetaphil routine is simple but effective and includes three steps: Cleanse,
moisturize and protect.

Remember, to be completely healthy, you must have a healthy skin!
So complete your health routine with Cetaphil and always learn new Cetaphil product at the next National Healthy Skin Mission!

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