A secret folder in FACEBOOK called OTHER that only a few know about

10:18 AM
Are you aware of the "other" message folder beside the inbox folder?

Yes, but like you , it is difficult for me to notice and I keep on forgetting such existence. The main reason why I got 99+ messages in it. That folder contains messages from strangers or from someone you know but you're not officially friends with them on Facebook.
Unlike the usual inbox we see on Facebook , this "other" folder does not have any message alert or notification media to get the user's attention. It is somewhat compared to the SPAM folder in emails that putting unwanted messages directly to that SPAM folder.
Just recently I found out a supposedly exciting , much awaited invite that is now ancient and irrelevant and due to negligence, there is a missed social opportunity. Some friends told me they discovered wasted winnings, family gatherings announcements even death of a loved one. 

A year ago, Ms. Rowena of Animetrics World even posted the importance of the "other" folder.

"Hi Ms. Erica!
This is Jocel from Follow That Star. I would like to ask for an interview tomorrow morning at 8am. For the possible meet-and-greet.."

This meet-and-greet thingy was my road to a bonding moment with my favorite celebrity , now a squandered chance of a lifetime. I already replied for an apology for not responding immediately to them and explained the situation further.
There is an overpowering feeling of regret and 'heartbrokeness' deep inside but I have to move on so more opportunities can come my way.

Trying my best to explore and see what's still on the "other" side and let's hope Facebook will find a better way to this scenario.

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