"Celebrate life with GOYA" Media Launch

3:30 PM
Indeed it was a spectacular Thursday evening ( and a sweet one too!) for I was able to "Celebrate Life with Goya" with fellow bloggers and media at Circles Events Place in Morato, Quezon City.

I was way too early for a 5pm call time for i had to beat the 3pm number coding of my car.  Thanks to Google Maps, finding exact locations and places now is a no-brainer!

Goya products have been my constant companion throughout the years whether being part of my child's goodie bags or just for satisfying one's cravings, truly it made a huge impact in my life and everybody's lives!

This standee concluded that I was about to enter a chocolate heaven or rather a GOYA heaven!

Yep, I was totally right!

I just wished they brought chocolate colored balloons to make it more dramatic, lol!

The GOYA crew went around serving baskets filled with delectable GOYA products. Aren't they the sweetest? 

There were GOYA hors d'oeuvres in fishbowls waiting for us.

But the center of attraction of this chocolate universe was the chocolate buffet table!

Too bad, I brought just a purse. Next time , I'll be bringing the luggage with me to accommodate all these!

If only I had the guts to take these all with me (including the cupcake stand,lol).

Brought these babies home with me! My kids' favorite!

Goya nuggets! Tee-hee! I was on the hunt actually for those spreads!

Goya pretzels were my kids' favorite as well!

My appetite died on me after having all those sweets! Looked yummy , but next time though.

The ever beautiful Ms. Cesca Litton as the host for the evening

Goya General Manager JOSENILO CHINCUANCO said, that this "Celebrate with Goya" event is the company's own way of thanking it's supporters and the media for continuing to patronize Goya and recognizing the efforts to uplift Goya's potential to even greater heights and be able to go head-to-head with competitors in terms of taste but as a wallet-friendly price level.

 "With Goya, we now make delicious , world-class and premium-quality chocolates that are within their reach. They don't have to spend more or wait for their relatives' "padala" or "pasalubong" to enjoy delectable chocolates. It's now available right herein our country , the finest chocolate at a price they all can afford. That alone is worthy enough to celebrate," he added.

Ms. Cesca Litton announced the special appearance of Goya's Celebrity brand ambassador , actress and TV host KIM CHIU, who have faithfully promoting them for 2 years and was able to participate in all activities during the event. Chincuanco also recognizes the fact that KIM CHIU was very much instrumental in elevating the awareness level on GOYA , particularly among the younger set who may have not known that there is a fully homegrown chocolate brand that is as tasty as the other imported brands but not as expensive.

She was very approachable and no "kaartehan" whatsoever and even had the chance to make her my accomplice on a game but sadly didn't make it to the list of winners, lol

They were supposed to reconstruct a dessert made by one of Goya's pastry chef for a minute or so. GO Mommy Lariza! I was rooting for you and your partner! :)

She was the winner for the wackiest pose of the night with KIM CHIU and had a 5 minute talk with her afterwards

Goya now offers wide-array of products from chocolate bars, to dragees, chocolate covered-pretzel twists, chocolate wafers and even spreads! .  All manufactured using Swiss chocolate-making technology.

The "Celebrate Everyday with Goya" event was really a fun-filled one, featured lots of games , fun, prizes and surprises that guests, especially from the media , that was enjoyable enough after a hard day's work covering important events and writing their stories.

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt."
-Charles M. Schulz

A brief Goya history

More than 5 decades on, Goya keeps the tradition of making life sweeter for every Filipino. Innovation is the key. From 3 to 4 Goya brands, they have increased the brands and kept on introducing new and more innovative products that will attract interest of chocolate-loving Filipino.
Up to the present, Goya still continues to tickle the taste buds of pinoys with a variety of sweet treats since the first brand of cube-sized chocolates wrapped in foil hit the store shelves in 1956.
Since then , it has raised the bar of chocolate -making in the country when it introduced dark chocolates, dark mint chocolates, white chocolates, almonds dipped in chocolates, crunchy bite-size chocolates and choco-covered biscuits. Goya has later ventured into making luscious chocolate spreads and even baking products like choco syrup, brownie mixes and premium cocoa.

For more chocolate Goya awesomeness, visit the Goya Chocoholics Facebook fan page at  https://www.facebook.com/GoyaChocoholics

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