Our free post Valentine's treat from Mango Tree

9:54 AM
I was fortunate enough to be the sole winner of a Valentine's contest held by one of the finest restaurants in the Metro.

See my name below?

After spending the weekend with my Shrek family in Tagaytay, we went directly to BGC to get the complimentary vouchers for some post Valentine's feast.

Glamorous and elegant with it's Thai lifestyle, yet relaxed and welcoming with warm and attentive service , Mango Tree Manila is  located in the heart of the Taguig, within the busiest place of the Bonifacio Global City.  Open for brunch , lunch, and dinner , introducing freshest ingredients and incredible flavors with a Thai twist on each plate.

Had to use my Google maps for the exact location and found out they have 2 previous outlets of Mango Tree Bistro in Quezon City and Makati City. Didn't have any idea that this was a casual fine dining place and me wearing just denim shorts plus slippers was a total "wrecking ball"! But as I have said, they were very accommodating , welcomed us with open arms! Another sad thing was my battery died on me while taking pictures of the interiors.
Anyway, it was our first time to dine the Thai way! We weren't sure what to get so we based everything from the picture, haha!

These photos were grabbed from their facebook page, thank you for letting me use them!

We ordered Satay Nua and it's heavenly i must say!

This Thai Shrimp cakes with sweet chilli sauce were superb. I'm a fan of nuggets so these were my instant favorites. Not too difficult to chew. A hit with my kids!

But their truly favorite was the roasted chicken! Everybody loves roasted chicken! Soft , juicy and it was flavorful.

I remembered ordering a fried rice, not really sure what kind though , lol!

Their own signatured iced tea was not for me nor for my kids. The flavor was kind of overpowering with a tad bitterness. We end up ordering 1 mango shake and enjoyed that instead.
 Overall, i'm beginning to love Mango Tree Manila. If i have a chance to dine with my hubby again , the Valentine's way ( His work is  province-based) , surely, i would pick this place because the ambiance is quite romantic! Thank you Mango Tree Manila for choosing me and my family! Truly an unforgettable one!

My simple entry : "I've been hearing nice things about this Resto but actually me and hubby Anthony Bonifacio never visited the place ever. We wanted to try Thai Cuisine but how can we? He's in a far away place right now and we only see each other twice a month! The next week is something I'm looking forward to. He'll be spending Valentine's with me and our 3 kids and you don't know how excited I am! Hopefully you would choose my story so you could be part of our 10th year journey. Crossing my fingers and toes!"

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