The wonders of EC Gas

5:51 PM
Most Filipino families are uninformed when it comes to handling LPG tanks.

We often use dilapidated LPG tanks or substandard hoses that usually lead to LPG-triggered fires that have become very rampant in the Philippines.
I , myself, had a scary experience and almost had a close encounter to the creator when a small fire spread on the hose while i was cooking.
Fortunately the tank did not explode.
But we can worry no more! For Eastern Petroleum , a leading independent player in the Philippine Oil Industry has come up with the best possible solution for decreasing LPG tanks explosions in the country.
They have introduced LPG composite containers to the Philippine market under the brand name EC Gas.

I first saw this product from a morning show and it really got my attention. The new custom made composite containers are corrosion-free and transparent.
YES! Transparent and made from fiberglass. You can actually see how much gas have been used. No more running out of gas in the middle of your cooking marathon. Compared to traditional LPG containers, these are safer, lighter, and have lower maintenance costs.

How to avail?

There is a deposit of P3,000 for the cylinder that is refundable when you return it in good working condition, then P1,500 for their ECGas Safety regulator with auto shut off , LPG hose, installation & delivery.
Total of P4,500 for our EC GAS LPG set. Their LPG price depends on your area. Look for the nearest EC Gas outlet today!

For more information, visit or call 817-8000

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