ALLPHONES Joins PANAGBENGA 2014 With sweet deal!

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The flowers of the 2014 Panagbenga Festival are again showcasing the beautiful blooms of Baguio City this February, as the month-long celebration continues. The name “panagbenga” is a Kankanaey word that means, “season of blooming”. Joining the celebration this month is the fastest-blooming telecoms retail company, Allphones. Allphones has bloomed into almost 50 outlets across the nation, and it is doing its part to make the Panagbenga Festival an even better experience for visitors.

The enthusiastic support of Filipino consumers to Allphones stores has allowed Allphones Philippines to become the fastest-growing telecoms retailer in the Philippines today. As its way of celebrating this support, Allphones is participating in the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio City. According to Maureen Laus-Gallant, Head of Allphones Marketing, Allphones has "great respect and appreciation for the history, traditions, and values of the festival" which include "a reverence for beauty, a respect for nature, hard work, industry, a sense of play, and joyful hope". She said that Allphones shares the same values and is happy to offer consumers a futuristic, fun mobile phone retail experience during the festival.

As a company, we have great respect and appreciation for the history, traditions, and values that the Panagbenga Festival celebrates. A reverence for beauty, a respect for nature, hard work, industry, a sense of play, and joyful hope—all of these take center stage every Panagbenga season and we, as a company, have similar values.

Each Allphones store is a showcase for the beauty of design and the wonders of technology. Our customers are allowed to play with actual demo. Members of our staff put in a lot of hard work in learning about all the mobile phones in our stores and in assisting each customer at their best,” said Maureen Laus-Gallant, Head of Allphones Marketing.

She added that the true beauty of the customer experience in Allphones stores is also found in how convenient they make the process of purchasing phones and obtaining a postpaid account.
Allphones stores use an iPad-based, digital, and paperless process for postpaid applications. Subscribers who apply for postpaid accounts in Allphones stores no longer have to sign a lot of paper forms or bring a lot of required documents. The customer data they provide is protected by military grade security protocols.

It's not unusual to find an Allphones store filled with consumers who are excitedly trying out the live demo mobile phone units, while deciding on the device they want to buy. Allphones stores have taken the Philippine market by storm, with almost 50 stores opening in a matter of months. Allphones stores offer a futuristic and convenient paperless digital system--using an iPad--to process postpaid subscriptions. Allphones is set to bring this high-tech, fun mobile phone retail experience to the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio this month.

More than just convenience and ease, Allphones stores offer the best postpaid deals. One deal that is available in Allphones stores nationwide, as well as in the Panagbenga festival, is the UNLI 599 SIM Only.

Allphones stores offer customers the choice of the following services under
the UNLI 599 plan:
1) Unlimited Calls and Texts to Globe/TM;
2) Unlimited Calls to Globe/TM and Landline Calls; and
3) Unlimited Texts to All Networks.

There’s no lock-in period and the only requirement for a subscriber to apply is one valid ID. Allphones stores make owning a postpaid line with unlimited services the most convenient, easiest experience ever.

UNLI 599 is made possible through a partnership with Globe Telecom. The plan gives postpaid subscribers maximum service from their mobile phones while also being easier on the pocket.

The convenient, affordable, leveled-up retail experience in their stores has allowed Allphones Philippines to establish 40 new stores all over the country in the latter half of 2013. This year, on first quarter alone, at least twelve more Allphones stores are expected to open.

Compared to the retail experience inside an Allphones store, all other telecoms retail outlets seem outdated and boring. With sleek interiors, live demo units that customers can try out, and a futuristic, paperless digital system for processing postpaid accounts, Allphones stores level up the telecoms retail experience for consumers. It's no wonder that the public has embraced Allphones stores enthusiastically, allowing the retail company to expand to 50 stores across the nation in just a matter of months. Allphones recently announced that it is joining the Panagbenga Flower Festival in Baguio, in order to bring the Allphones retail experience to festival participants.

Besides the sleek, beautiful interiors of Allphones stores, customers also enjoy how they can try out real demo units. This helps them sample the various phones’ functions—so they can pick the phone that fits their needs and lifestyle perfectly. Allphones stores stock the widest range of mobile phone brands and models.

Visit an Allphones store and experience the future of mobile phone shopping. To find the Allphones store nearest you, go to and use the Store Locator.

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