Acer Academy in VPS: A little school that makes a huge difference

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The Veritas Parochial School (VPS)  in Paranaque City may be small in terms of numbers, but their passion to provide high quality education and improve the educational system can match that of the larger and more prestigious schools in Metro Manila.

 It has partnered with Acer Philippines, the Philippine office of the global IT giant, to integrate in its curriculum Acer Academy, which uses the latest and most ingenious hardware and software solutions to  upgrade the knowledge and skills of school administrators, teachers, and students alike.
VPS’ classes are held for children from kindergarten to grade 9 on several floors of a building near a church.
Acer Academy is aligned with Acer Philippines’ vision to make IT solutions and their benefits accessible to all, regardless of social status, class, or economic background.
Acer Philippines’ corporate social programs are designed to equip young people, children to college-age level students, to wield technology to pave the way for a better society for the next generations.
“We are here to provide the tools to help these students to learn,” Acer Philippines General Manager Mr. Manuel Wong says.
“We have to empower the students and teachers by providing these tools, but we still need our minds and our hearts to really learn beyond the lessons presented to us.”

VPS’ Digital Learning Program (DLP) starts with children in Grades 7, 8, and 9.
This program aims to produce graduates who are highly skilled, inventive and ethical users of information and communications technology.
These students are provided their own laptops in class in order to maximize their full potential.

Students and teachers use Acer Chromebooks as their main tool in discussing their lessons and in interactions with each other.
The Acer Chromebook is a fast and portable computer-friendly and cost-effective device, suited for the school’s DLP.
With access to the internet, all class participants can get all the information needed in their lessons from the web.
Students these days are considered as “digital natives” who are more adept and quick in learning how to use modern technology.
However, the lack of knowledge has led many of them to not use this IT know-how wisely.
Both Acer and VPS seek to address this gap through proper, constant education.

Any private or public educational institution based in the Philippines is qualified to join the Acer Academy.
All they have to do is to simply go to the Acer Academy website and apply for membership, or contact the Acer Academy office.
Visit the Acer Philippines Facebook page ( or follow Acer via Twitter ( For more details or go to

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