The search for the SHARP Calculator's Ten Outstanding Young Mathematicians in NCR 2015

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SHARP Calculators launched the SHARP Minds program 6 years ago through Collins International Trading Corporation,
to build a network of math teachers and schools that are committed to transform the teaching of math education here in the Philippines with optimize use of technology.
You see, math is really a part of our every day lives--Budgeting, paying the bills, calculating debts, shopping as well.
But math is even more important and is necessary when it comes to the research and development of technology in all fields of Science, Finance, IT and many more.
We definitely need to prepare our Filipino students for that if we want to become a truly developed country.
Atom Araullo : "I used to have a love-hate relationship with math. My course was BioPhysics, it helped me go through life."
Sharp Calculators  have worked with several math organizations and together they engaged in several activities such as the Sharp's annual math symposium, The Math Trail Competition, The calculator Mathematics Workshop and The Sharp's Excellence Award-- which members schools with kids who excel in math.
Improving the quality of math education is not just about the teaching method, but also fostering academic excellence in Filipino students and motivating them to be such.
So this year, Sharp Calculators are taking that advocacy further with The Ten Outstanding Young Mathematicians (TOYM) Award by giving recognition to the best high school math students.
They hope to elevate the status of Mathematics in the society and stimulate the interest of the other students, even the general public. And to let them realize it's significance in the development of society.
For this year, they are initially conducting the search for students in the NCR and the awardees will be carefully chosen by a panel of judge representatives from the Department of Education-NCR, Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute,  The Mathematics Trainers Guild of the Philippines,  The Mathematical Society of the Philippines and The Mathematics Council of Teachers and Educators,Inc.

The upcoming Ten Outstanding Young Mathematicians awardees will be the first batch ever for the Sharp Calculators Youth Ambassadors who will be touring several schools and who will attend various activities and symposiums to inspire and encourage Filipino students to be more competitive in math and to love math and have fun while learning it and above all to excel in it .


  • This is open to all public and private high school students in the National Capital Region who have completed at least two years of high school. They must be Filipino citizen either naturalized or born.
  • Nominee must be among the Top 3 students in math as certified by the school principal.
  • The award will be based primarily on the nominee’s performance on national and international competition. These competitions must be recognized by the Department of Education or Department of Science and Technology.
  • Presentations or publications of original work in mathematics are desirable.
  • Students who contribute to the promotion of Mathematics and show leadership skills are desirable. Good moral character will be considered


CRITERIA                                               PERCENT

Performance in Mathematics Competition 75%
Research and Publications in Mathematics 10%
Leadership and Promotion of Mathematics 15%
                                                    TOTAL 100%

For students who are chosen to the top 20, each involvement on activities included in the recommendation of the principal/math head or other recognized authority will be reviewed and assessed by judges/co-presenters.
The said recommendations will be one of the bases of the judges’ questions for the panel interview.

Plaque of excellence will be given, as well as cash prizes and gifts from Sharp Calculators and sponsors.

The deadline for nominations will be on January 5, 2015, with the awarding ceremonies scheduled on February 2015.

Nomination kits are now available at selected National Book Store Branches in the National Capital Region (NCR).
It is also downloadable at

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