Smart Parenting together with Oilatum educates moms-to-be the best skin care for babies

I was ecstatic after getting an invite to attend a mommy event last August 23,
Saturday at Oakwood Premier Joy Nostalg Center of the annual Smart Parenting Baby Shower because of their collaboration with Oilatum.
 Pregnant moms and Mommy Bloggers gathered for a day full of talks and fun activities hosted by the ever gorgeous mom herself Delamar Arias of "The Morning Rush".

The event showcased informational sessions to help ease moms into pregnancy and motherhood.
The first session was about the importance of Maternal Nutrition during Pregnancy.
It is essential to observe maternal nutrition to benefit the fetus inside the womb.
Did you know that more than 50% of Low Birth weight Infants all over the world came only from 5 countries in which sadly includes the Philippines.
There is always a high tendency of a malnourished mothers to give birth to Low Birth Weight Infants and if not properly taken care of, those infants would eventually give birth to same low birth weight infants as well. A vicious cycle that is.
The danger your child can get from all these --- they get sick more often,  low I.Q , Micronutrients deficiencies.
Maybe that is the reason why one of my daughters are anemic--they got that from me. Although i did take care of my body while pregnant , took vitamins and all that---- became anemic still.
So that's why the Food and Nutrition Research Institute or FNRI is in full force on educating women regarding Malnutrition.

That session was followed by a talk about Management of Common Skin Diseases among babies and Infant Massage were discussed in the final segments.
 I was particularly interested on the management of skin disease because my eldest daughter has Skin rashes from birth till now.
Did you know that the words "Skin Asthma" is non-existent in the medical world? The proper term for that is Eczema.
I've tried several products in the market already, switched medicines and went from one pedia to another just to get help ---fast. She is now 9 years old and is still suffering from Ezcema or Atopic Dermatitis.
I only heard the soap Oilatum from my brother, who has the same problem as her when he was younger. I was hesitant to try it on her because my brother was unreliable, haha!
Kidding aside, according to Del , babies really have super sensitive skin.
Of course, having 3 kids will become familiar about that---but still,I'm no expert here. They are prone to skin irritants and skin problems.
Oilatum experts introduced us the wonders of Oilatum bath time products that truly helps reduce dryness and leaves the skin soft and smooth.
These products are suitable for babies and young children as well.
Oilatum soap is for the bathing while the cream is for sealing in the moisture after bathing. This is an easy two-step process during bath time.
Progress : After using Oilatum Soap and Oilatum cream to her for a week, the result is awesome!
Less itching, less wounds, and with glowing skin! I don't know for you but for me, it is a miracle.
The good thing about Oilatum products is the mildness, the cleanser does not lather, meaning no harmful products.
The cream is an emollient that helps counteract the damaging effects of some cleansers have on the skin and is suitable for people allergic to lanolin or wool wax/wool grease from animals seen in soaps and beauty products.

I will try these for a year and hopefully it will calm my daughter's itching problems permanently.
During the event, moms also enjoyed a session of Preggy Yoga to help them keep fit and healthy while expecting.
Yummy, healthy dishes were also served to satisfy their preggy cravings :)
There was also Lamaze Stretching and breathing Technique Class that taught proper breathing and relaxation tips during labor.
There were games and everyone brought home goodies from the ever generous Smart Parenting, and gifts from partner Oilatum.
Hey Moms and moms-to-be, always on the lookout for the upcoming Smart Parenting events and activities because they always give out the best loots and the event is always fun!

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