Fine supplements products from Japan now in the Philippines

Not so long ago, life expectancy was..well.. not what it is now, mainly because we live in a toxic world.
Too much stress brought by the high technology nowadays.
Sleepless nights because of work.
Too much time on social media.
These are some of the primary contributors ,thus, making us sick and look ugly and older.
Guilty here!
People expect to live longer today because of healthcare innovations sprouting like mushrooms all over the world.
I was fortunate enough to attend a product launching that can actually help you go about your age. Friends from the media and a few celebrities were invited to the revelation of Japan's best-kept longevity secret --

Premium HyC 150.
The event was held at the grand ball room of Oakwood along Ortigas Avenue. We noticed a bar with coffee drinks and teas upon arriving.
They were also handling out some samples of the collagen drink to be added to your favorite beverages or you can take it by itself to have a taste of their products.
I just wished I was brave enough to try them. I was hesitant because of my heart and thyroid aliments. The flowery aroma , however , reminded me of a specific tea i used to drink way back ( Yes, not a fan of that certain tea ).
Mr. Nobutsuna Sasaki, the current president and chief executive officer of Fine japan Co. Ltd. and president of Hongkong Fine Trading Co. Ltd , revealed how to achieve the new youth without the needles.

All of the nutrients that you need to be energetic and driven with a constant flow of youthfulness is in one health drink - Premium HyC150 ,  also known as Japan's best-kept longevity secret.
This might be the answer of modern nutritional technology to the concerns of the 21st century people who want to look good and feel good as well.

Premium HyC 150 is unique in the health market because it is the only supplement drink that has the optimal combination of active anti-aging ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, and Ubiquinol.

If you have experienced a tremendous hair fall, dark circles, dry skin, then your active anti-aging in your body is already lacking.
Other external influences such as pollution , the sun, and bad weather exacerbate aging symptoms. The amount of collagen present in Premium HyC 150 compensates for the decrease of this substance in our body as we grow old.
Taking this supplement regularly thus helps to maintain our skin flexibility and makes it look vital and fresh , giving us a youthful appearance.

Here are some the products that were given to us to try at home :
Fine Premium HyC 150 Promotes Strong well being

Glycine Premium promotes good sleep/Repair damaged tissues/Maintain healthy CNS

Ginger Black tea promotes metabolism and healthy digestion

Fine Metabo Coffee slims down whle you perk up your day/ Reduce body fat/Promotes colon health

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Young barley grass prevents blood vessels aging/decrease cholesterol and sugar level
The expected end result of all these is a happier, more productive , and healthier lifespan, just by drinking Premium HyC 150 once a day.

You can mix one sachet daily with your favorite drinks, may it be hot or cold, and let it work from within.

Premium HyC 150 is available now at Watsons Stores nationwide.

Check out their facebook page for more updates :

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