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If you are an adventurer gastronomically, then perhaps you find your taste buds always craving for new tastes just like me and my husband.

Indulging in our food cravings is what we do best whenever possible.
When it comes to peppers and spices and other spicy ingredients, some like a little, some like a lot , and others aren’t happy unless their tongue is about to spontaneously combust.
Here in Asia, we practically grew up with spices and because it's really a part of our culture , thus , making us love it even more.
One particular restaurant, specifically a fusion cuisine of Thai and Chinese, located at the 5th floor of SM Aura Premier,  kept getting good reviews with lotsa spices in it that made us investigate further. Yes, i'm happy to be part of the investigation team,hah! ( Actually , bloggers were invited to try it out ).

Coca Restaurant will give you the best of  both worlds and has been well-known for its “Suki” steamboat dining, which is a Thai variant of hot pot, where customers can cook vegetables, meat, and noodles in a steaming hot broth.
Yin and Yang HotPot

Upon entering, the fancy setup of tables with draperies for a dramatic effect with sophistication will enhance your mood even more. 
They also have a recently-launched COCA Bar to bring you unique infusions and concoctions to enhance your Thai-Chinese cuisine experience.
If only this bar is near our place, you would definitely see me hanging out here with my friends because of the ambiance--- quite relaxing, really. It’s a rather popular place with the locals for an after work or late night drink or meal. You will find mostly professionals from around the area or those who are staying late inside the mall so it’s a really really nice place to relax and hang-out.
Yes, all ladies in stilettos get 50% off on selected drinks! Have fun on Wednesdays!
Of course, our much-awaited...the food.
This one particular salad will give your palate satisfactory stars if your are into...well..spicy ones. This Spicy Roasted Duck salad consisted of cucumbers and some herbs on roasted duck is quite refreshing. The quality of spice is too intense for me unfortunately but overall gratifying.
This is their Chicken en Papillote ---chicken bits in a non-edible wrapper. It's embedded with more than 50 years of their unique taste. Have it only at COCA Restaurant.
Another new for me is this Seafood Durian Spring Roll.
I can sure you one thing---no overpowering taste of the Durian--well,for those who are not into the Davao's best. The taste is kind of sweet and more of a dessert than the main course. A must try, i tell you!
In a Chinese tradition way to cook a fish is usually steamed and is topped with scallions, cilantro and ginger with soy sauce but they the Steamed Fish they served us consisted only with herbs in a white sauce ( compared to a mayonnaise ) which releases the flavor of the aromatics into the flesh of the fish.
This is the Coca Noodles topped with seafoods that i'm sure your kids will love.

Indeed when two different dishes come together, it creates a fresh new taste that will leave you crave for more. 
Come and visit Coca Restaurant, 5th level, SM Aura Premier, for q mind-boggling food affair :)

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