Caltex introduces Techron Concentrate Plus -- a perfect detox for your gasoline engine

11:34 AM

It is truly fascinating that this day and age , we can actually witness right before our eyes innovations happening.
Today marks another in history as Caltex Philippines unveils a revolutionary product , a breakthrough in technology.

The Chevron team is enthusiastic for the introduction of their latest innovation , not only will it benefit the auto industry as a whole but more importantly the consumers in the Philippines as well.
So let me ask you this, what helps you perform your best?
If you ask me, a lemon tea or green tea and lots and lots of sleep will definitely help me perform my best.
It is the same with your car engines--your car engine needs a perfect detox solution to operate to it's optimum level.
Techron Concentrate Plus is the first in the Philippines actually.
Chevron already has a long history of innovations here in the Philippines.
Back in 2006, Caltex Philippines introduced Techron in their gasoline and what it did for a gasoline engine was truly amazing.
Motorists here already enjoying the benefits of using TCP.

A complete system clean up that  is proven to be unbeatable in cleaning the entire fuel system
namely :
Fuel Injectors, Fuel Intake valves and the Combustion Chambers.
It's very easy to use actually..
✓Just pour the whole content of of TCP in your fuel tank when it's near empty then gas up . 
✓It will start working the moment you start your engine. 
✓Will work in any gasoline engine. 
It will..
✓Clean up harmful deposits
✓Restore performance 
✓Helps maximize fuel economy  

An immediate result will be recognized..
✓Superb performance like no other
✓Low emission
✓A smoother drive

One bottle is already enough for a one tankful for every 5000 kilometers or 3000 miles.

Whether your car is a couple years old or one that's been here for a while , Techron Concentrate Plus is the best choice.
If accidentally poured over a diesel tank, there will be no effect. 
You only won't feel the full cleaning effect of the TCP. 
It's only meant for a gasoline engine.

There is a product for diesel however, it is not yet available in the Philippines.
Trusted by all motorists all over the world, keeping the engines clean all the time. 

Techron Concentrate Plus will be sold at all Caltex service stations at suggested retail price of 450 pesos.

For more information on Techron technology, visit

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