"Tatlong Yugto, Tatlong Babae - An advocacy for Women Empowerment of NaFlora Feminine Wash

March is Women's Month.
And I took part in the celebration of this landmark history by attending a theater play for Women Empowerment of NaFlora Feminine Wash and Think+Talk Creative Communications, Inc. entitled "Tatlong Yugto, Talong Babae".
It is ADP Pharma's way of celebrating and honoring women of the society.
A way in acknowledging the uniqueness of every woman.

The monologue is about the saga of a woman--the 3 women belonging to different age brackets, as they present their , dreams and how they plan to realize them.
I have to say that the story is very universal and culture-bound.
One story is about a teenager trapped in a bathroom that gives her the opportunity to confront her teen angst.
The other one is about a cougar who has gone tired of his dance instructor and how she deals with the prospect of new happiness.
The other story is somewhat identical with my present situation and that I van relate to very much.
I've found myself silently crying upon watching the first story.
Whew. Story of my life.
Didn't have the courage to let the tears flow freely during the entire play though ( I was biting my tongue, haha!).
Flashbacks of my younger years passed through my mind about the realizations of having a kid.
Quite difficult for me actually.
Maybe now I can assure you that raising a child, to any parent, isn’t the glamorous task it’s often made out to be.
Maybe I'm doing everything wrong, maybe not.
I always had an idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up, but God sort of tweaked it along the way or maybe He really just had other plans for me.
I knew I wanted to work in the field of science, and I wanted to search a cure for cancer but my life did a 180 degree turn.
There were regrets,yes,but I did enjoy taking care of my 3 babies, but I felt awfully unfulfilled from time to time.
After seeing the play, I further realized that standing up and chasing your dreams after having kids is not a childish thing at all.
We mothers should do something about that long-overdue dreams – and not letting down the people that rely on us at the same time.
I really admire women who takes a lot of courage and commitment and those who make the impossible possible.

Liza Magtoto's play Tatlong Yugto, Tatlong Babae and an open forum after the performance with OB-GYNE Dr. Ma. Lourdes Escobar are utilized for this special women empowerment campaign.
Dr. Escobar said that each and one of us women has different needs to address--such as choosing the right feminine wash for us.
NaFlora Feminine Hygiene Wash can definitely offers you specific care for women with specific needs.
NaFlora Feminine wash is the only available wash in the market that has 3 variants which are age and Ph specific.

The green variant, which is the NaFlora Protect, is recommended for every day use and best during monthly period.
It has tea-tree extract , so you can use it 2x a day.
The blue variant, which is the NaFlora Restore , has Cetylpyridinium chloride (mouthwash ingredient) recommended for postpartum care and adjunct therapy to vaginal infection.

The only feminine hygiene wash that is recommended for women of menopause which is the pink variant--The NaFlora Moisture, contains Chamomile for anti-inflammatory effect.
All the variants have lactic acid , which is good for the prevention of infection.
Here's what I learned from Dr. Escobar's interesting and informative talk :
When you see a clear mucus,  the vagina is penetrable by the sperm.
When you have a clear , no smell mucoid, that is normal. 
You will see this first day and middle of menstrual cycle. 
When the mid-cycle is over, a paste-like substance will be seen, meaning it is no longer penetratable. 
What is a healthy vagina?
But first, do you know that the vagina and the mouth harbor the same organism?
If you want a healthy vagina, you have to maintain acidity. it should be acidic.
You have to put this in mind that Discharge and Secretion are totally different things. 
Discharge is "technicolor". 
You will see yellow, green, grey and foul-smelling. 
Secretion on the other hand, clear mucus.

Do you know that you have to change sanitary napkins every 2 hours to avoid infection? 
And pantyshields for like 4x a day?

Often times, one move of wrong washing can cause you infections such as Urinary Tract Infection
But you have to know that UTI is different from vaginal infection.
ADP's NaFlora advocacy about women's empowerment taught us about how a woman can become confident when she know who she is and knows her limitation. 
For you to discover that, you must start with the self, with a good hygiene and good health.
Pursue the dreams, know your weaknesses and strength and be at peace with yourself.

If you want to be part of this advocacy, they will have 20 more plays all over Metro manila,nearby provinces and some in Viz-Min, all for free for women -- for those who want to be included in a community.
They are on this mission to spread the word , not just about the product , but also for this good campaign.

FYI , NaFlora is the ONLY brand that is willing to be part of this Women Empowerment Advocacy.
We should take part of this that honors women and celebrates femininity. 

For more information , check out http://www.naflorafemininewash.com/

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