My verdict on the newest PANTENE 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner

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Some say-- to grow a healthy hair, one should not rely from a bottle nor any hair product as they do not speed healthy hair growth--it's all from within.
Maybe true, maybe not.
But for me, nurturing one's hair is based on just one hair product- a conditioner.
I used to have a shorter but super straight , manageable , soft hair. 
When I say it was super soft, the clip would not stay in place--it kept on sliding off the hair------THAT soft, I know!
Or imagine a super fine-toothed comb, it will easily slides off my hair without even touching the comb itself. 
*I wanna cry!
Now that I'm much older and decided to grow my hair longer, it’s really important to make the hair as healthy as possible.
I noticed after having 3 kids, that I'm prone to hair fall. 
So I believe that one of the best ways to take care of my hair is to avoid breakage and hair fall as well. 

This means staying away from chemical hair dyes or any heat related procedures. 
I love to blow dry my hair in salons as much as possible (especially when I have events to attend to) ---as I have said earlier, it's not as manageable as before. Sad. 
Remember, if you have to blow dry your hair , use the lowest setting and towel dry your hair a lot first.
Anyway, when I saw the package I got from BDJ BOX a few weeks ago, I got so excited because finally I'll be able to try Pantene's newest product. 
Pantene products are always worth a try.
I needed a new conditioner and thankfully they sent me sample of the 3-Minute Miracle Total Damage Care 10 that promises a shinier , smoother hair.
Conditioning will help the hair really nice and strong. 

There is still a miracle in this world!

So here it is! 
This sample size I got is in a 70m squeeze bottle
With Pro-V formula , it promises to help repair and seal every strand of hair – reduce protein loss to stop the damage progression. 
It will also helps prevent future split ends even in 3 months. 
I will be using this for 3 months and will let you update again for the result.
I tried it for almost a week now and so far I got tamer hair and noticed a lesser hair loss. *happy!
Unlike the other conditioners, this one has a light and thin consistency ( picture above ) and not greasy one bit.
Some conditioners appear to do the job but by the end of the day you’re left with a head full of grease and a heart full of disappointment.
I love the fruity scent by the way!
Although at first it was a bit overwhelming while applying but after rinsing it off, the smell did stay but milder ,which is okay:)
The above photo shows how unruly my hair was --- before using Pantene's 3-Minute Miracle.
You don't want to have that kind of hair , especially now that summer’s already here.
We all know what the summertime heat and humidity can bring --a super frizzy, cat hair, lol !
Honestly, I was wary the first time i tried this conditioner, however - it has instantly become one of my favorites.
It added texture and manageability to my hair that I have never experienced before.
It's like magic, a miracle ,I promise you.
Seriously, I only used my fingers to comb my hair.
I did not use any hair dryer ( I do not own one. sad ).

My Verdict ?

9 out of 10!

Hoping for a month-long miracle (or longer hopefully)!
See you in a month :)

Pantene Total Damage Care 10  3-Minute Miracle Conditioner
Full Size: 70ml / 180ml / 340ml
Price: PHP 59 / PHP 159 / PHP 259

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