Introducing Panadol , the world's trusted and fast-acting Paracetamol

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I know for a fact that 7 out of 10 Filipinos regularly suffer from headache.
And my husband is one of the 7.

I would hear complaints from people around me all the time about having a headache and trying to fix the problem with all sorts of solutions they could think of.
Actually headache is a disorder and a world wide problem affecting every single one of us.
My man suffers from headaches almost everyday maybe because of too much stress at work.
Hopefully, no underlying cause of that headache.
I have already had his head/body checked twice but everything is normal , thank God.
Yes, there are lots of things you can do to treat a headache without resorting to over-the-counter and prescription drugs.
But sometimes , all we need is one super fast-acting drug that is definitely effective and safe.
Those annoying headaches have always kept us from doing what is truly important.
I'm always imagining the day that hubby will have the power to eliminate pain and share super moments with us, his family, every single time.
Thankfully, last year, with the help of GSK, brought and introduced here to the Philippines the world's trusted and fastest pain-reliever.
A super safe way to eliminate headaches.
They are truly dedicated to improve the health of Filipino people, helping us to live life to it's fullest and contribute to the prosperity of the communities.
Panadol Paracetamol is clinically proven to provide relief of pain and fever and help to ease the discomfort and pain.

Panadol is the only pain-reliever that contains OPTIZORB , which i believe has the ability to dissolve 5 times fast as 15 minutes.
Though i took pre-med back in college, i still need to use the dictionary for some of the medical words given.
I researched that OPTIZORB is quite safe even for pregnant women.
Optizorb Tablets provide fast and effective pain relief but still gentle on the stomach.
You can start to feel it in as little as fifteen minutes.

Optizorb is a combination of chalk and alginic acid, acts like a sponge, drawing stomach acid in to the centre of the pill.
When these ingredients react, they have a fizzing effect, forcing the tablet to break down more quickly.
The raft forming substance found in some forms of Mylanta ( for indigestion/heartburn), so i guess it's safe.
I let my man take one Panadol when he was complaining about a headache when he got home from work, and the pain was gone in an instant!
No side effects.
During the talk, i learned a false statement stating that older people have aches and pains more frequently.
Not true at all.
Pain is never normal.
It is your body's way of telling you to pay attention , maybe something is really wrong.
If your body suffers from pain today, take Panadol and go directly to your doctor for some tests.
Bringing this life-affirming to the fore is father/athlete/host Ryan Agoncillo together with his son Lucho.
He admits that he is no stranger to aches and pain.
With the kind of work he has, the pain just stays behind.
But he doesn't let any kind of discomfort get in the way of a quality time for his family
Whenever pain strikes, he puts his trust to Panadol.
And like a true superhero, he has the power of quick recovery in the eyes of his son.
Panadol Paracetamol with Optizorb comes in 36 x 10s dispenser box and a 10s pack.
Each tablet has an SRp of Php 4.00 and is available at all leading drugstores nationwide.
For more information on pain management, visit

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