Kidzoona SM Masinag now open!

5:15 PM

Kidzoona Sm Masinag recently opened it's doors to public, right after the school year ended.
Perfect timing I suppose.
Kids and the not-so-kids can finally enjoy this popular indoor playground that was first introduced in Japan by Aeon Fantasy Group (You can read our other exciting experience during the opening of their other Kidzoona branch HERE).

This exciting playhouse is both educational and entertaining that provides a fun, safe environment for pre-school aged children to climb, jump and play.
Kidzoona at SM Masinag is the best "time out" providing perfect reward for young children who love to shop with their parents.

I didn't want to pass up the chance for the "free play" provided by the generous SM team so I hurriedly brought my kids to the best role-playing kiddie playground here in Antipolo during the opening day.
 My kids could not contain the excitement as we were getting ready to experience the Kidzoona magic!

But first, Moms and Dads , make sure upon arrival that you register and fill out the form that can be found inside the drawer near the counter.
Please note that parents must stay with children during their registered playtime.
Socks are mandatory for both adults and children.
No exceptions.
If you did forget to bring a pair, need not to worry because they can provide you socks that are priced at 30 for the kids and 50 pesos for adults respectively.
Or you can purchase socks at the SM Masinag department store instead.
The Fee : 1 hour is priced at 200 pesos while 400 pesos for 3 hours.

For 1 child, 1 guardian is FREE of charge.

If the guardian is more than the number of child, 1 adult is for 100 pesos.
So, what to expect inside Kidzoona Sm Masinag?

The indoor play area is complete with firetruck, huge ball pool, Cyber wheel, and many more, that I think are all constructed of kid-safe wood encased in a child-safe finish and painted to resemble kid-sized models that are both child and environment-friendly.
They also provide separate lockers for the shoes and bags for your convenience.
I guarantee you your things will be safe because you will wear the key lanyard the whole play time.

This summer , it is a good opportunity to teach the kids the importance of role-playing such as becoming a fireman, doctor, sushi maker, florist, ice cream maker, and a whole lot more.
Role play may appear to be a very simple activity but it is truly essential, especially for the young children to learn practical life skills such as dressing themselves, how to cooperate and share with others.
The mind is just too powerful and when they are experimenting and trying out decision making using role-play, they will be prepared on how to behave socially.
Children are fast learners.
They absorb what they experience and what they see around them, that is why they need to engage in this kind of imaginative/creative play.
What I love about Kidzoona is that they installed a lounge area for the parents , complete with water dispenser with clean mineral water , in case the kiddos will get thirsty from all those activities inside.
In addition, there's a toy corner with wooden toys for the kids to explore and enjoy.
They have wooden doll houses, wooden railroad city, mind activities for the kids, and many more.
Our favorite-- the huge ball pool with a giant slides and climbing areas!
The experience I had from throwing myself into the ball pool was excellent!
Yes,it is only about ankle deep but you can easily sink into it so you're completely covered and slowly break through the surface making a moaning sound like a blue whale.

We did jump, splash, dive and we loved it!
Some point in time, we ended up just lying semi-submerged in the balls trying to resist napping like babies
Stress-buster indeed!

Since the place is still new, everything is still squeaky clean and hygienic.
But of course, you still have to bring a portable alcogel with you..all the time.
As you can see, we went back the next day with their dad.
They provided us with 50% discount vouchers so I paid only 300 pesos for the first hour.

Oooh, my macho man!
Cute patient here!
I also tried their Cyber Wheel and it was so much fun!
Believe me when I tell you I felt exceptionally calm after exiting this. A bit dizzy, yes. But fffffuuuuunnnn Haha!

I can definitely see how it would aid creativity, it's a bit like being in a vacuum, with no distractions just your own thoughts and sense of space.
And we went back again the next, next day. Ugh.
I begged them to stop giving us discount vouchers, hah!
We went there again.

Kidzoona is the best place in Antipolo to hang out with the kids now the school is out.
Make the most of your summer vacation (and the air condition inside the mall )and enjoy spending time with them.
As they always say, your little ones won't stay little forever.
Love them while they are still clingy.

Looking forward to see you there and please , comment away :)
SM City Masinag
Brgy. Mayamot, Marcos Highway
Antipolo, Rizal


  1. Thanks for sharing this a while back! Is this still available there in Masinag though?


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