Event Highlights : Cream Silk Transformations : Spotlight On The #ModernFilipinas #CreamSilkTransformations

Who really runs the world?

Us Filipinas! Yes :)
The modern Filipina has certainly come a long way.

Last January 23, we all got to witness the transformations of the new generation of Modern Filipinas.
All thanks to the Philippines' number 1 hair care brand, Cream Silk, with its newest campaign : Creamsilk Transformation : Spotlight on the Modern Filipina, helping us to become our better version of ourselves, in the journey of transformation.
Because only Cream Silk can transform us (and our hair) to be more beautiful.
Cream Silk's event was an exciting 1-day affair that took place at the World Trade Center tent, with the country's top magazines like Cosmo Ph, Meg, MEGA, Metro, Preview, and Yes! Magazine.

The event consisted of back-to-back talks, interviews, and exciting demonstration areas.
Here are some highlights of what took place:
I had to include this because I just loved how cozy the couch looked and the throw pillows are extra perfect. Cosmopolitan used to be my style bible back in college, LOL.
My only regret (and can't let it go yet) is that I was unable to arrive earlier. I was supposed to be there at around 1pm but due to unavoidable circumstances, I made it to the 3pm call time instead. Those people who came at a much early time, received this divine giveaway and like they always say, people who get up early (or who came early for that matter), tend to become more successful. Successful in getting this 😅

Moving on-- Unilever's research and development director for personal care, talks about how Cream Silk Reborn works and do wonders for your crowning glory.

 The ever gorgeous , Ms. Rhian Ramos, was also there to grace the event
 Yes, I'm a back person. LOL.
A lot of beautiful women bustled to the Cream Silk lounge, where they were able to undergo and experience their very own transformation -- a first-hand experience to see how the Philippines' number 1 hair care brand really can take absolutely any hair problem and create beyond beautiful hair.
Hair experts assessed the hair needs and recommended on which Cream Silk conditioner variant will be the best one for us.

For over 30 years, Cream Silk has committed itself in transforming and championing the Filipina to be able to recognize her full potential.

Now, this is something every woman understands.
It is a journey we all go through, right?
And Cream Silk has been there every step of the way, honoring our efforts in a world class matter. Our forever ally for transforming us to our best selves.
They say that a lot of Filipinas still don't know how to unleash the power, which is on the verge of a beautiful transformation.

On that note, Cream Silk this year wants to share its mission of inspiring the Filipinas to start their journey towards the complete change from good to great. From better to best.
Beginning of course, with the crowning glory--the hair.
Why is that?
It's one asset that really requires expert care. Something that we need to feel beautiful and confident as we go ahead and pursue all of our dreams and endeavors.

Spotted also at the event was the well-known fashion photographer , Ms. Sarah Black.

Cosmopolitan Philippines' Editorial Director, Myrza Sison, shared her transformation journey and tells more about the modern Filipinas that Cream Silk has been putting on spotlight that day. 
She is one fearless woman who believes in the power of transformation. 

The crowd was treated to the first ever live cover shoot experience to unveil the new roster of Cream Silk Modern Filipinas.

Joining Heart Evangelista-Escudero (PEP) on the covers of the publications' March issues are the country's leading ladies Nadine Lustre for METRO, Coleen Garcia for PREVIEW, Julie Ann San Jose for Meg, Rachelle Ann Go for Yes! , and Yassi Pressman for Cosmopolitan , who have all embarked on their own journeys and transformations.

Completing the impressive line up for Creamsilk, the Miss Universe 2016, Pia Wurtzbach, on her first Philippine appearance after winning the crown.

Pia epitomizes the most inspiring transformation of the modern Filipina yet, set to conquer the Universe! With a beauty that inspires, determined to realize her dreams, she has come back to make her positive mark in the world, taking her well-deserved walk at the Cream Silk's event.

You, too, can be part of celebrating the achievements of the modern Filipinas and empower others to experience their own transformations by sharing your own experience on social media by posting
"One of my #CreamsilkTransformations in 2016 is to __________."

So, let your journey of transformation come in full circle, as Cream Silk transform any hair problem of yours to beyond beautiful.



  1. It's nice to attend events like this, makes you re-access your own standard and make improvements if necessary. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi,Berlin!:)
      Yes, so true. Did you go?
      You're most welcome:)


Have a great day! God bless :)

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