KathNiel, Going Strong With Shawarma Shack

7 years and going strong.
Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla continue to excite fans everywhere for seven years now. They still believe that KathNiel is the perfect love team of all time.

And just recently, accompanied by Shawarma Shack owners Walther Buenavista and Patty Collantes, the two were spotted together during the renewal of their endorsement contracts to the fast rising brand in the shawarma industry, Shawarma shack, making their bond more stronger than ever.
It may be hard to believe but did you know that I was not really a fan of shawarma nor Daniel? Glad Impressions really don't last. I finally got a chance to try shawarma a few years back and I could not put it down since then.
Met Daniel several times already and he's no longer listed last on my list. I even plan on getting my own Shawarma Shack kiosk not only because they are endorsing them, but it is said to be the home of the best value-for-money shawarma offering in the country.
The irresistible proposition of buy-one-take-one with competitive pricing generates strong demand, long lines and healthy revenue streams for the company and franchisees.
The business started in 2015 as a simple food cart concept which grew from one store to more than 300 stores nationwide in just a period of three years. Due to increasing demand, the company started its franchising business in 2017 and now has 300 business partners who benefit from the craze brought about by the Shawarma Shack.The company is committed to providing quality products and services to all its customers and make its buy-one-take-one concept last forever.

Maybe that is the reason why the country‘s most popular and, phenomenal love team, Kathniel, are happy to endorse this proudly Pinoy product Shawarma Shack. Not only they are the most delicious, according to survey, they have this buy one take one promo which will last a lifetime.
Did you know it only started as a small shawarma food cart in the night market of Divisoria? Since they offer a pretty good selection of menu items, instantly become an overnight hit with consumers. And ever since kathNiel happened, their franchisees have doubled, even tripled and in 2019, Shawarma Shack are bound to open more branches nationwide.

Check out Shawarma Shack's products : 

Shawarma Wrap - Beef or chicken Shawarma Served Wrapped warm pita bread with cucumber, tomato, onion and three sauces of customers Choice.

Shawarma Rice - Beef or chicken Shawarma Served with rice, c umber, tomato, onion and three sauces of customer’ 5 choice.

Kebab -  Grilled kebab marinated in special Spices Served with pita bread or rice, grilled tomato and onion, and three sauces of customer’s choice.

Chicken Tikka - Chicken marinated in turmeric and special Mediterranean spices served with pita bread or rice, grilled tomato and onion, and three sauces of customer's choice,

Keema - Pure ground beef with special Spices and green peas served with a Pair of pita bread or rice, and three sauces of customer's choice.

Boneless Chicken Beryani - Boneless chicken barbeque marinated in special Mediterranean spices, served with rice, grilled tomato and onion, and three sauces of customer's choice.

Lamb Chops - Grilled lamb chops marinated in special Mediterranean spices, served with rice, grilled tomato and onion, plus 3 sauces.

Shawarma 0ver Fries - Beef or chicken shawarma over fries.
If you plan to open up your own Shawarma Shack stores, you may ask about the kiosk fees here:

0949 994 4277

0917 686 0018

0949 994 4276

0920 983 0247

0917 621 6062

0998 589 4598

0917 706 9517

0905 453 6753

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