Look Effortlessly Chic In Every Gathering With MetroXSMWoman

There are many words you can use to describe a woman: empowered, driven, passionate, inspired.
The list goes on, but while the words may be many, these can never fully capture the soul and spirit of her. A woman can be anything and everything at the same time.
Because of this,  Metro and SM Woman collaborate on the campaign called #WearYourStory, featuring 60 empowered women from different industries who have not only found passion but also purpose in what they do.
By showing how fashion is used to tell each of these women’s narratives, the campaign elevates dressing to an art of self-expression, with each day an opportunity to create new stories.

Their personal styles give us a glimpse of who they are: thoroughly unique, divinely fashioned, and a result of a profound journey that is a sum of their struggles, victories, lessons and learnings.
A mother, a mentor, a leader, a CEO, an entrepreneur, and advocate-these women can be anything they set their minds to. And as they move through this life, they conquer world, one outfit at a time.

Check out @Metro.Style to discover their stories.

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