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What is Project Happy Kids?

In a perfect world, every child would have the chance to learn, to be happy, to feel free. But that is not today’s world.
A lot of kids don't have the privilege to be KIDS. Study shows that when the children are deprived of their rights, it can greatly affect not just the development as individuals, but society as a whole.
We need those memories, big or small, because those memories also have an emotional impact, moments that can affect your life that will help define who you are eventually.

So Fun Ranch, the leading provider and venue for an alternative learning experience to build happy memories with the family, thought that they could sponsor a Fun Ranch day for various organizations. They keep striving together with their many partners to give the kids a fair shot at a bright and happy life.
In partnership with MovED Foundation, the provider of early childhood education to undisturbed communities in the country, will have an initial target of 100 kids during the Fun Ranch day. And their mission? To make them all happy. 

Every year, I see progress. A lot of efforts has been made by Fun Ranch already. 

So, what can you expect during the Fun Ranch Day?

The students of beneficiaries pre-schools from MovED will have the chance to personally experience and see Fun Ranch. Meaning, a whole day of fun with FREE rides, FREE play, FREE snacks, with a short program and a magic show to be conducted in Skye's Room.
They will be provided Fun Ranch souvenirs as well to remember that one fine day at Fun Ranch.  
If you decide to sponsor a child, you can add P50 only on your child's Unlimited Play wristband for each child's special day in Fun Ranch. The unlimited play costs P350. 


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