Making Your Kids Feel Loved During The Busiest Time Of The year | #Spread100Hugs

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I can see it now. I know what you'll going through.

Everyone's on Christmas rush mode already because it's only 10 days before Christmas. I know I'm way behind the planning but, can you blame me? Since I'm a single-mom-on-weekdays, my days are extra chaotic. Not only my children need to get dressed and fed as school days are still ongoing, I have to make sure they are feel loved as well. Sometimes it tends to get buried under feelings of exhaustion, overwhelm, worry, sadness.
It can be very difficult to find time creating the perfect holiday and to let them feel loved at the same time given the many pressures of this busy mom life (and mommy-brain is half- awake). But with extra work, love, and support, anything is possible.

So, how do we find time being a busy mom at work that does not involve abandoning our kids?

Bring back the love using Christmas Cards. 
Save yourself that last-minute panic of having to rush through the malls and leaving the kids at home. Why not bring back Christmas through Christmas Cards? Hallmark not only will make everyone on your list gets your holiday greetings on time, you will have extra time with your kids, too. Just be sure to keep a few extra cards ready to go for those people you forgot to put on your list.

Do your Christmas shopping online instead.
Do you have your list? Checking it twice? Then get your shopping done as early as November. Shopee will make your mommy life more relaxed during the holidays.
You'll never have to waste time braving the traffic with your kids using this mobile app.
Be a smart mommy shopper this holiday season, and save time and money while making sure everyone in your family will not be love-deprived.

Keep everything organized and smelling fresh.
Whether you're ready or not, everybody will visit you. Some friends and family will be dropping by unannounced, and introvert moms will be in panic mode.
Be a team and get your house clean and smelling fresh all the time. It will be a challenge but make sure to make Downy your partner as it will help you stay confident before your days get crazier. Thanks to Downy’s long lasting perfume freshness.

Now that everything is in place and sweet smelling, you can fully enjoy the season with the number one on your list, your family. 

By the way, don't forget to visit the first ever hug-activated Downy Scented Christmas Tree installation in Eastwood Mall. It's now up until December 26, 2018 so hurry and don’t miss your chance. 
And in case you haven’t seen it, Miss Universe and Hug Ambassadress, Pia Wurtzbach went around the metro to #Spread100Hugs. 

Check out the video here

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