Mommy Bloggers Celebrates Early Christmas At ICON Hotel

Yes. I eat stress for breakfast. They often ask me how I juggle everything at once, but honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing. No idea at all. Everyone thought I have it all under control but in reality, I just go with the flow and leave everything to God, even when I feel like drowning.
So glad Mommy Bloggers Philippines was created as the group always look out for each other and constantly providing a time of recharging with other bloggers, making the moms better wives, better mothers, better human beings overall.
In this circle, friendships were formed in order to give support and love to other moms.
Speaking of relaxation, MBP recently invited all the mommies in the community for a fun themed Christmas get together which lead to more laughter and memorable moments!
Since it's already December and I've survived another week of adult-ing, I didn't feel a bit guilty of indulging a little too much at the party and being rendered useless the next day. Mommy Lanie, Mommy Louisa and Mommy Joy, let us unwind and enjoy a few hours of free wonderful time with good food sponsored by ICON Hotel and around good friends without the kids.
MBP was at the movies for this year’s theme and there is no better venue to hold this themed party than at ICON Hotel Timog.

Can you guess my movie character? Yes. I was the Grinch. I kid.
Since I had a little time to prepare, I just grabbed post-its from the kids' study room and went to the party as the girl from My Amnesia Girl. And yes. I brought John Lloyd with me. 
With a hotel that highlights various icons from around the world, the chosen icon influences and the hotel’s elegant, yet affordability factor makes it most ideal for a celebration of holiday glamour.

Managed by experienced hoteliers, the hotel is a haven for many as it accommodates those traveling for business or pleasure in the perfectly situated area of the Quezon City district.
The carefully chosen icons grace the rooms and suites giving you your pick of who you’d like to stay with. Yes, that’s right. You can be lounging with Michael Jordan or Muhammad Ali or practicing spells with Harry Potter.
The calm surroundings in the Leonardo Da Vinci room will help you have a relaxing stay or if you’re looking for some fun you can stay with Michael Jackson, Madonna and even Charlie Chaplin.
ICON Hotel Timog’s function rooms are often fully booked holding entertainment press cons, conventions and celebrations from debuts to weddings and more. This hotel also has an all-day dining restaurant to satisfy your cravings.

To celebrate the holidays ICON Hotel Timog is offering Christmas Party Packages for your next holiday gathering. Their buffet restaurant has some Yuletide offerings specially prepared for the coming season.
The Mommy Bloggers really took the time out to have the much deserved holiday get-together!

I have yet to try this Venus and Mars Naturals products I got during the raffle. The V&M's Pure Active products and its various oils are said to be prefect in making the skin healthier. We'll see.

 It was such a happy day. Glad the moms took a breather from their busy lives and enjoyed the day.

A sincere thanks for the love and support all throughout! See you next year!

Icon Hotel Timog Avenue
60 Timog Avenue Tomas cor. Tomas Morato
Quezon City, Philippines
For inquiries and reservations, call
Telephone: (02) 353 -6000
Mobile: (+63) 921-795-2170


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Lilys Peanut Butter


Lemon Square
Welchs Sparkling Juice

Crystal Derm

Cheez Whiz

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V&M Naturals

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