The Rise of Nadine Ibay

Already a sensation at a tender age of 21.
When most of the ladies her age exhaust their time facing emotional and social issues,  she spent most of hers discovering the talent given to her and developing her abilities in order to further share her art to people from all walks of life.
A makeup guru turned painting artist, Nadine Ibay admires the principles of Gustav Klimt and Banksy, two contrasting artists from different eras known for their private life and highly personal styles of art. She strives to develop her own style of art born from her own principles as inspired by the great asters before her.

Collectors now have been asking for her unique works and routinely pay for her canvasses, comparing her to some of the most towering figures in the field. The paintings have been featured in Philippine Star and her first solo exhibit at the green Sun Hotel had drawn crowds, acquiring her works as well. after being introduced to the public.

A genius body of work, that she is. has an unrelenting thirst for inspiration and finds creative influence in the splendor of nature, and the complexity found in the lyrics and melody of a song.

She finally has the chance to tell the story of her ideas captured on canvass through paint. You can visit her new gallery which opened recently in Antipolo.
NMI Gallery showcases some of her best works, an abstract creation worlds of reality. She used mostly acrylic paints, spray paints, mineral pigments, gold leafs, and textured canvasses which brings to life a variety of  art that is only given meaning by the eyes that appreciate it.

To experience her work, you may visit or


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