All-In Sa Saya Ang #GreenwichSagotKoNa Pizza Party

Got to party with the best peeps in town at the Greenwich's “SAGOT KO NA” pizza party on a Tuesday night because everything in life is bigger, better and more memorable if it’s all-in.
From everyday barkada bonding moments to feasting on your favorite celebratory food – things seem larger than life if it’s done with everything you’ve got, just like Greenwich’s All-In Overload pizza.
The very bubbly Bea Fabrigas of 89.9 was the all-in host for an all-in fun night of shows, performances, games, and great food.We were all on our feet during the hip hop rap battle together with DJ Austin and the Philippines' newest dance group Manila Soul who will be seen at the upcoming SEA Games 2019!
The event takes inspiration from the All-In Overload TV commercial featuring Greenwich barkada Yassi Pressman, Robi Domingo and Enrique Gil.

Greenwich has always been a witness to barkada celebrations and it’s just right that it joins in on every Greenwich barkada’s fun by encouraging them to give their friends a virtual pat on the back because the treat is on those who give all-out support to you. 
Of course, when you go all-in with whatever it is you set your mind to do, you can expect to receive great results – aka success. What makes the moment doubly sweeter is when you celebrate personal successes with those who mean the most to you – your barkada. #GreenwichSagotKoNa outrightly expresses that your success is also your kabarkada’s success.

The All-In Overload pizza is loaded with ham, pepperoni, burger crumbles, bacon, Italian sausage, and Spanish sausage, plus green bell peppers, pineapples, mushrooms, onions and cheese – that has an all-in flavor in one freshly-made crust!
This everything-on-it pizza tastes even better when it’s a “SAGOT KO NA” barkada blowout so you can share your blessings with your barkada. 

One of the best things about the All-In Overload is that it’s best shared with the barkada. It’s not because it’s too filling, or the quantity can become too overwhelming for one person, but it is just more fun to eat it when the entire barkada is in town!

Sharing a pizza that’s overloaded with toppings, flavor and that unmistakable all-in goodness with friends (and loved ones) is enjoyable because it heightens the experience you have with each bite.
With the “SAGOT KO NA” pizza party, Greenwich shows its utmost appreciation to its old and new barkada for choosing to make the brand a part of their lives, moments and memories.

Can’t get enough of the All-In Overload pizza?
Call #5-55-55 or visit to satisfy your pizza and pasta cravings.

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