#MealtimeConfessions | I Rarely Eat With My Kids & Why It Should Stop

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After my Father passed away years ago and my sister went to continue her doctorate in the Middle East, meal times felt a lot different.
We began to eat separately at home. One sibling would rather go out with friends or just eat their rice bowls in front of their computers, while I eat and watch movies inside my room.
There were days we rarely saw each other at all. I always long for special occasions so I can see them all. Then a thought suddenly came, that it shouldn't happen to me when I have my own family, at all.

Fast forward to today, arrow shows 4pm on the clock on a Thursday, and I'm madly rushing to finish this write up as I prepare cooking dinner; while my almost teens make my head spin. Meanwhile, the second daughter is driving me crazy about borrowing my phone, despite the fact that she just borrowed it one minute ago, and she needs to study for her exams tomorrow. I told them no gadgets, no one listens.

I slammed everything on the dining table, but I won’t be sitting down with my kids to eat tonight. Like I said, I need to finish everything before Saturday. My husband won’t be joining us either, thanks to his provincial job with a 3 to 4-hour commute. 5 hours even when rush hours sets in. *roll eyes
We won’t be having a family meal time together, yet again. This set up has been going on for years now.
My own #MealtimeConfessions.

I know, watching Mommy Ginger's #MealtimeConfessions video should make me feel happy but I felt otherwise. I was a bit guilty after watching it. Don't get me wrong, I love how they bond and how they are together at all times. I'm just too sensitive when it comes to topics like family bonding over food or whatnot.

Yeah, I know we’re not the only family who’s not having mealtimes together all the time and I feel really bad about it. Of course, when you get to eat with family members, it can be therapeutic to each. Like, you can reflect on the day, and on recent events; which can often led to discussions of the serious matters and memories as well. It makes the kids happier, too.

When my kids were younger and the husband had a city job (for a year or two), the only thing I remember was the laughter over cooking using #CrispyFry because fried chicken was my kids' favorite. Of course, I also remember the uttered corny jokes (that shouldn't be uttered in the first place). The kids were happier. Even I was a happy mom and wife. Just like mommy Ginger in her video.
But of course, events from the past are no longer here. But I need to relive the past in order to have a good present and future.
If you’re a parent of almost teens like myself and our family meal times are somewhat similar, try to still connect with the kids, even if you need to eliminate your online movie streaming app (just watch maybe after 10pm).

It's not too late, I guess. No matter what your kids’ ages, at least try to take a few minutes of your time to really bond over meal. No gadgets, no TV, no nothing. Sit and have a conversation with them, and see what happens (scolding myself).

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