Why Minola Premium Coconut Oil is the Number One Brand of Choice for Ketogenic Diet

Grocery shopping is a lot harder than you thought.
Try standing in the grocery aisle with your husband while choosing the right cooking oil. Tone and I always stare and discuss about all kinds of cooking oils and which is the best one to buy. He'd always go for olive oil but some say it's not the healthiest for frying. So I'd put vegetable oil in the cart all the time. For you, what cooking oil is the best?
I've learned so much about coconut oil earlier today, its benefits and why it is good for you.  As Dr. Fabian Dayrit shares about what coconut oil can do for the body, he also introduced Ketogenic Diet.
According to Dr. Dayrit, Coconut Oil has a unique fatty acid composition and there is no other oil better than the profile of Coconut Oil.
Not only it can boost the High-Density Lipoprotein which is the good cholesterol, it can help greatly with weight loss. And it's a lot safer for cooking at high temperatures.

We've met the two lovely ladies from a Keto group in Facebook who gave their testimonials to the media.
Virna Veloso and Desa Apostol both lost a lot of weight since last year. Having PCOS can affect your weight but from 110+ kg Virna Veloso went down to 66 kilograms for following a strict keto diet. She's now expecting a baby, by the way.
We also had the chance to try a yummy keto dish made by Rien Kenner Cajayon of Khendries Kitchen using Minola Premium Coconut Cooking Oil and Coco Aminos.

Honestly, we have VCO products at home since I use them for Ayen's eczema and my kids' hair. It definitely moisturizes, plus the smell is fantastic. This oil is known for its versatility with endless functionality. I just found out you can even use it for inflammation because it has anti-bacterial benefits.

For the ketogenic diet, Dr. Dayrit and his team already completed a study on it this year using rats. He explained that for most doctors back then, keto diet was not on top of priority list, especially when you're suffering from heart problems or your sugar in the body is high, but I guess it's already changing now.

They've discovered that carbs affects the body more and not the fats since fats may actually be more protective against heart disease. Carbo-loading can lead to obesity and other diseases.
Have you tried keto diet?
If you don't eat for like 12 to 24 hours, your body will get into a state of ketosis.
They say it's healthier because you are literally burning fat to survive. The process of burning fat releases chemicals called #ketones.
I've read about how a boost in ketones can improve a lot of health issues like memory in people with early signs of dementia; also a common treatment for patients with severe epilepsy. 
Minola Coconut Cooking Oil has MCTs that can improve our memory and powers up the brain! How cool is that?

Now I know every time I indulge on bad carbs, it always leaves me feeling lethargic and super tired and angry. Because bad carbs turn into sugar, which targets your muscles, liver. Thus, the tiredness.

It’s no secret that Minola Premium Coconut Oil  is incredibly popular right now, and for good reason.

Check out the other health benefits :

It relieves stress

Immune system booster 

Controls metabolism

No wonder Minola Premium Coconut Cooking Oil is not your regular cooking oil. With all the health benefits mentioned above, you are on your way to wellness.

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