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It was an August morning last year after dropping off the kids at school and just doing my usual morning stuff. As I was in the process of removing unwanted substances inside the house, I felt it - a tiny pain on my left elbow.
Not enough to hurt, but enough to warn me I'd done something. Blamed it on the heavy sweeper I got from the province. I kept using the left arm even though I was in pain for a month. Little did I know that it blossomed into tendonitis. I can still the spasms from time to time up to this day. Well, I'm not alone. A friend recently complained about his neck and now needs physical therapy every week.

Now, why is this happening? I guess our bodies start to fall apart in this age. So, here's the regretful me wishing the I could turn back the time and take better care of the body.
Now I tell you this. If you take the right supplements right away, it will pay off in a big way.

If you struggle (like me) looking for the best and effective supplement, you shouldn’t simply go to your favorite drugstore and pick the first one on the counter.

Of course, consult your doctor first, since they have a better understanding of your health. It's also best to research on what other people are saying about a certain brand and how it has improved their health.
Have you heard about the wonders of mangosteen?
When a blogger friend asked me to try Healthmax Mangosteen Plus 8 Berries Capsules, honestly, I was hesitant since I despise taking vitamins and medicines. Actually I have a hard time swallowing them and the tummy area is a bit sensitive.
I have agreed to try out  Healthmax Mangosteen Plus 8 Berries, since this pretty blogger friend of mine has already tried it, also shared to her mom and dad, I thought what have I got to lose. She really believed in the said product and was looking forward to see the benefits like she did too.

I took one capsule a day for a week, sadly though, the tummy started to turn and felt queasy. Got an upset stomach after taking the supplement for a week. I let my sister-in-law try the products and gave her 3 boxes, since her ultrasound confirmed she has uterine fibroids. Took 3 capsules everyday for a month, as advised by the Healthmax Care. Although it did not cure the disorder ( pre and post ultrasound as proof), it did help her with the sleeping problem and made her skin fairer and clear.

I still get my nutrients from the herbal drinks my mom makes and it includes pure mangosteen as well :)
I will again try taking this supplement and will update you on my YouTube channel!

Why Healthmax Care Mangosteen Plus 8 Berries food supplement is good for you:

It has phytochemicals and anti-oxidants for good health because it contains the following super fruits:
• Mangosteen
• Acai Berry
• Bilberry
• Raspberry
• Cranberry
• Acerola
• Grapeseed
• Wolfberry (Goji)
• Hawthorn
Why is Healthmax Care Mangosteen Plus 8 Berries better than other Mangosteen products?
• Mangosteen is a known anti-oxidant. It has been proven to help the body create a stronger immune system, decrease inflammation and inhibit tumors. It has cancer-fighting and heart-boosting effects. With all these benefits, it becomes more powerful when it works together with these eight (8) berries.
• The mixture is supremely anti-oxidant rich making Healthmax Care Mangosteen Plus 8 Berries more effective and enabling you to achieve faster results.

Benefits – 8 BERRIES
good source of energy
improves digestion
helps maintain normal cholesterol level
helps improve vision
helps lower blood sugar level
support cardiovascular health
promotes good eyesight
anti-diabetic effect
Benefits – 8 BERRIES
promotes healthy heart
improves circulatory system
immune booster
helps prevent UTI

enhances the immune system
anti-diabetic effect
anti-inflammatory effect
anti-oxidant properties
Benefits – 8 BERRIES
helps heal wounds
good for osteoporosis
helps lower cholesterol
high blood pressure
supports immune system
anti-inflammatory properties
keeps the heart healthy
good for the circulatory system

It contains large number of biologically active substances including vitamins, catechins,
polysaccharides, and stilbenes. It contains over 40 XANTHONES, a unique class of phytoceutical compound of which each one perform a specific biological function of which some of these are:
 Alpha – Mangosteen serves as an anti-oxidant
 Gamma – Mangosteen serves as an antiinflammatory
 Garcinone E serves as an anti-tumor agent
• anti-cancer
• anti-tumor
• anti-inflammatory
• anti-diarrhea
• improves immune system
Healthmax Care Mangosteen Plus 8 Berries is available in Mercury Drug Stores nationwide
Or you can purchase them through these hotlines:
 0906 252 1244
 0922 802 6505
 (+632) 400 5266

• Within the U.S.
 Phone: 00.1 (714) 249.0187

If you want to know more about this product, feel free to contact them:
• Within the Philippines and Asia
 Phone: +632.400.5266
 Mobile Smart/Sun: +63922.802.65.05
 Mobile Globe/TNT: +63906.252.12.44
• Within the U.S.
 Phone: 00.1 (714) 249.0187

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