Mondelez and World Vision partnered in reaching One Goal to help Filipino children

Like most parents my age, I have memories of childhood much more different from the way my children are growing up today but i'm extremely thankful I was part of the the 80's to 90's era.

In my elementary-school years, my friends and I spent a lot of afternoons outside playing cops and robbers using our BMX bikes and would never get sick.
I could smell the burning leaves from the backyard all day long and never would I have an asthma attack.
Gadgets were used exclusively inside the office and we played on the original play-station:
BMX bikes, swing-sets , my favorite monkey bars and good ol’ mother nature!
Yes, we were way healthier back then because of active play.
The sun was our best friend.
With World Vision ambassador, Nikki Gil
"I think "One Goal"will be able to teach our children things that might not learn inside their classrooms. They would be able to apply these things, these values such as sportsmanship , teamwork, perseverance.
I'm all for it because as a World Vision ambassador for 10 years, i'm always on constant search in ways how to enrich the kids with skills outside the classroom. For only 600 pesos a month, you can sponsor a child , send a child to school. Be part of this campaign"
Physical activity is truly an essential component of a healthy lifestyle for a child.
That is why Mondelez Philippines has partnered with World Vision for their "One Goal" program.
To encourage more children to go out, be active , play for joy and learn lifelong skills.
This can also help students learn important values and achieve good nutrition.

Back in 2013, Mondelez Philippines and World Vision launched an initiative called Eats For Joys.
It was a call for families to enjoy good meals and snacks made with the many products of Mondelez' partner establishments like Tang, Cadbury, Oreo, Eden cheese and Toblerone.
And by enjoying these snacks, consumers also got to made donations to World Vision. Cool huh?

After a year of enjoying and sharing the blessings, starting today will be the culmination of Eats for Joy initiative and the beginning of the new chapter for a new partnership between Mondelez Philippines and World Vision.

The point collective from the initiative will be used to support Asia-wide "One Goal" program which aims to help children learn important values and good nutrition. Through sports like Soccer and Volleyball.

5 years ago, For Every Child campaign was born.
But unfortunately , Philippines was not included. The only main focus campaign was on Africa , China and India.
Now, World Vision is doing everything they can to include the Philippines and help Filipino children.

Thankfully, different organizations in the Philippines will cooperate with this partnership.
That includes partnering with Dept. of Education , Dept. of Health , Different individuals and groups and corporate partners.

In Celebrating 2 years of partnership ,they will be leveling-up and entering sports to tackle the issue on malnutrition.
Did you know that Millions of children in Asia alone enter the world of disadvantage compared to children elsewhere?
In Australia, they even got healthier cows compared to the children here in Asia. Sad isn't it?

1 part of Asia's children under the age of 5 are underweight.
We're already lacking in height as well in weight.
No wonder the fighting skill in the sports area is also weak.

100 million children in Asia are petite.
They're stunted because they do not consume the nutrients needed to develop properly.

The importance of gathering as much support as possible is crucial in order to widely distribute information and convey the message properly.

Through "One Goal", concerted effort made could really be successful.

Take note : The problem does not focus on  malnutrition alone but also obesity.
"One Goal" is here to give opportunities for both girls and boys to enter into sports.
The vision is by 2022, the Philippines would have a stronger team.
Engaging in schools, different communities and barangays could really help beef-up the kids.
The aim is to mobilize and inspire 1.4 billion football fans in Asia to tackle malnutrition.
47 countries across Asia, united with "One Goal".

AFC or Asian Football confederation covers 47 countries .
This can be a platform to raise more funds.
The joint projects would have sports clinics nationewide for the next 6 months, especially targeting schools in Manila and also in Baseco Tondo.

You are all invited to the launching of "One Goal" campaign of World Vision to be held at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila this coming November 28-30 , targeting 300 kids from poor communities.

Mondelez Philippines has a program that has been running since 2011.
Through them, they have already adopted 6 elementary schools in the country and provided nutrition, teacher training and facilities improvement initiative.

The successful launching of Eats For Joy campaign last year accumulated enough funds to support the next project which is the "One Goal" Program and i really hope everyone would support this campaign.

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