World Toilet Day 2014 celebration with over 1M pledges for clean toilets

When I asked my mom to take care of the kids for a few hours because I was invited to be part of the World Toilet Day celebration, she was like--
"hmm, are you still going?really?"-- "Can you handle that event?"
Yes,I ..may..have a teeny weeny public toilet phobia.
Okay, huge.
I tried as much as I could to limit the use of public toilet.
I know it's weird and it can cause pain and might damage the system in the long term but haven't you heard that public toilets are breeding grounds for bacteria ,people!
Unsanitized , dirty toilets are just too much for me.

 Good thing that Domex, the leading toilet-cleaner brand, along with United Nation's Children's Fund (UNICEF), Philippine Public Health Administration ( PPHA ), City government of Manila, and Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation launched a  movement to advocate disease prevention through improved toilet sanitation.
By promoting a healthy living, we can dramatically change the lives of millions of Filipino families throughout the country.
The sanitation crisis we are facing right now is quite severe.
Did you know that 3.5 million children all over the world suffer from diahrreal diseases?
It's within our power to help reduce this number or even make it to zero.
Today, Unilever is taking the lead in the fight against the crisis of poor sanitation and hygiene throughout the country.
Observed annually on November 19,  World Toilet Day aims to put a spotlight on the 2.5 billion people across the globe who do not access to clean , functional toilets.
This year, World Toilet Day 2014 was celebrated at the Baseco Compound in Tondo, with the success of the One million Clean Toilets Movement.
Mr. Sam Treglown of UNICEF Water,  Sanitation & Hygiene shared with us how they celebrated by preparing activities like Fun Runs, parades , Flash Mobs marking the World Toilet Day.
The theme for 2014 World Toilet Day is equality and dignity.
They want to raise awareness of the problem of open defecation and this year, it will be the implication of safety and dignity for women having to practice open defecation.
They have been working hard with the government and NGOs for the poor areas of Leyte , Samar, Mindanao and in Masbate to take on the challenge of Sanitation.
The challenge , as expected, has not been easy. Because in some areas, open defecation has already been part of their normal life.

Back in 2010, the Department of Health has issued an executive order to make some barangays open defecation-free status.
So far, 86 barangays with a population of 180,000 people have gone open defecation-free.
35 of those barangays are in Samar,
39 in Leyte
6 in Masbate
6 in Central Mindanao.
Unilever has also revealed that the One Million Clean Toilets movement has garnered a total of
1, 274,038 pledges nationwide , exceeding it's target set a year ago.
For every pledge received via social media and on-ground activities, Domex donated 5 pesos to UNICEF's sanitation program.
 Building on the success of the One Million Clean Toilets Movement, Unilever and it's partners have also announced the second phase of this advocacy.
In 2015, they will be teaching effective household toilet sanitation to another one million in over 2,000 barangays nationwide.

FYI : You can use Domex to clean other parts of the house.
Here are the easy steps :

Visit their websites :

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