My Winter Garden Nitrogen Desserts experience

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When a film takes off as quickly as Frozen, you can bet everyone will be addicted to it and will go repeatedly for that theme.
It sure has stolen the spot of one of my favorite Disney films ever ( my kids as well )
and I'm pretty sure we're not alone in that sentiment!

There is one ice cream shop that you might want to try out that go for your fave "Frozen-themed" ,along the busy streets of Katipunan and what's so cool about it is that they serve it fresh right in front of you.

When I say Frozen,I meant it literally because of the ambiance and they serve their ice cream with one novel ingredient: liquid nitrogen.
You walk up and ask for your chosen flavor..they don't just scoop your ice cream from the tub, they really make them fresh.
Then the liquid nitrogen freezes the ingredients together, and your cup is ready for about a minute or two later.
Winter Garden Nitrogen Desserts is the newest spot where people can experience nitrogen desserts and where they are transported to a wonderland where happiness abounds,
The shop however is quite difficult to locate because it is hidden and tucked away in a small alley right next to Ersao, near the Jollibee establishment. This is in front of Ateneo.
If you're planning to bring your own car, parking can be a challenge.
When I went there, I had to buy something from a burger joint near the place just to ensure a safe space for my car.
Co-owner, Ms. Cecille Perez mentioned that Nitrogen is a natural element.
Therefore, it is safe to eat, non-toxic, odorless, tasteless and 75% of the air we breathe.
It's basically all around us!
If you love science, then you'll definitely love to see how they make their oh-so delish ice cream!
The liquid nitrogen is soooo cold and freezes soooo quickly that it reduces the size of the ice crystals, creating a smoother and creamier ice cream.
Using a uniquely smooth ice cream base, they infuse it with other flavors , flash freeze it and voila!
The end product -- Their signature ice cream at it's creamiest!
This is "Sugars of the sun" --- Sugar burnt to perfection blended with exotic Mediterrean sea salt,made extra special with liquid nitrogen. 
For 20 pesos each, you can add in some of your favorite mix-ins to create the ultimate sensation in eating Winter Garden sensational dessert.

The service so far is great, as the workers like to chat about the products and the how-to's.
Honestly, this isn't the cheapest ice cream to be found in Q.C, but hey, it is well worth a visit if you're along Katipunan area and looking for something fun to do. Kids will go gaga over this!

Go and try their 10 yummy flavors for you and your family:

Movie Critters - Sweet and salty popcorn with caramel and chunk of butter
St. Nick's Favorite - Cinnamon, Gingerbread, nutmeg with roasted almonds
Morning Campfire - Toasted marshmallows and cornflakes in milky vanilla delight
Rockin' Rocky Road - Fudgy remake of the classic Rocky Road
Choco Choco Chocolate - Chocolate especially made for chocoholics
Make Grandma Proud - Peanut butter ice cream with chunks of peanut and peanut brittle
Nociolla - Nutella infused ice cream
Omnomnom - Cookes and cream ice cream
Sunrise Surprise - Creamy coffee served with dulce de leche biscotti and malted chocolate
Sugars of the Sun - Sugars burnt to perfection with Mediterranean sea salt

For the ice cream:

 The Garden party tray is priced at 175
 These are the Snow Blooms Tray, where mallows and popcorns are flash frozen for you
 I opted for the Buttermilk Sky, my kids' favorite.
Chocolate wafer sticks with yummy creamy filling for flash freezing.
 These homemade cookies were made with love by Ms. Cecille's daughter.

The magic of seeing the liquid nitrogen poured over the ice cream plus the huffing and puffing and the billowing white clouds and vapor was only the half of it.
I can attest that the ice cream was absolutely wonderful!
I opted for the Rocky Road and this one is for me definitely.
Not too sweet for my liking.
In fact i enjoyed the experience so much that i came back the next day and brought my whole family before heading back home from the cemetery.
Too bad they were closed that time for renovations i think.

Needless to say I have been raving about the place to my blogger mates who must have also passed it many times but had never noticed the place.
So , should they open again, I think I will be a frequent visitor - undoubtedly with my shrek family and besties too!

*Soon, they will serve some ultimate comfort food to pair up with your nitrogen desserts :)

Winter Garden Nitrogen Desserts
299 Katipunan Ave. Loyola Heights
Quezon City, Philippines

Phone 0939 922 8229

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