Cherry Mobile Gives OFWs Reasons To Celebrate Christmas with its #CherryChristmas promo

It is finally nearing the end of October and that means the holidays are coming in , meaning -- more parties here and there, shopping and family gatherings and reunions.

But those with loved ones who are unable to see them every Christmas is truly a sad thing.
It is priceless when family members get to see and hear their husbands, wives, relatives from abroad.  Think of your husband who is far away miles away in a military base camp who has had a rough day.
To hear his children and beautiful wife’s voice greeting him a very loving Merry Christmas would make his day better – a gift in fact.
What about your best friend who you haven’t spoken to in years because your life has evolved around your family?
Just to see that you thought of them goes along way.

With that said, make some time out for lonely nights without them.
Cherry Mobile want to make it easier for family members of  the unsung modern day heroes of our lifetime – the OFWs.  It is indeed a huge sacrifice for OFWs to be away from their family.
An everyday battle.
But thanks to Cherry Mobile's Inspirational Holiday Surprise, everything will be better for all of them because it is indeed difficult to stay away from our loved ones.

Cherry Mobile's Inspirational Holiday Surprise fulfills the deepest wishes of several of our OFWs and reunites them with their loved ones this Christmas through the #CherryChristmas promo. Christmas indeed comes early as Cherry Mobile flies these lucky winners home for free, just in time for the holidays.
“For our OFWs, the happiest time of the year is also sometimes the loneliest. I saw firsthand while I travel abroad how much Filipinos yearn for their home and families. There really is no place like home. For those who live in the Philippines, we are happy to give and receive gifts, but deep inside, there’s no greater joy than being with family. I’m proud to be part of a brand that supports, connects, and encourages the Filipino family to be together,” shares brand ambassador Piolo Pascual.
Maynard Ngu, president of Cherry Mobile, adds, “One thing holds true to every OFW out there, if they all had a choice, they would never leave their families. I know that they would do everything just to enjoy Noche Buena with their loved ones, to open gifts with their kids, to celebrate Mass with their family and friends, and to revel in the other Christmas traditions. So we would like to gift them with this opportunity. ”

This season, through the #CherryChristmas promo, Cherry Mobile rewards the hard work and sacrifices of our unsung heroes – the OFWs.

The #CherryChristmas promo invites participants to share why they would like to have their loved ones home for Christmas.
They can share their answers through a short video, which will be uploaded through the #CherryChristmas app on the official Cherry Mobile Facebook page.

This is absolutely open to all Filipino active Facebook users who have a family member working abroad.
Cherry Mobile opens the doors and gives the opportunity for families to be together during the most special holiday season.
“Cherry Mobile, the leading mobile phone brand in the country that values your lifestyle, has always put the Filipino first, and so it is with great pride and pleasure that we bring together the Filipino family on the most important day of the year,” ends Kat Arceo-Ocampo, Cherry Mobile Marketing Head.

For the complete mechanics of the #CherryChristmas promo, visit and

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