Western Union breaks a Guinness World Records of World's Largest Coin Mosaic to support 25 public schools

It's official!
For more than 25 hours of non-stop hard work from men and women of Western Union, they have successfully created the World's largest coin mosaic as validated by Guinness World records and made a difference.

This was also part of Western Union's 25th year of service in the Philippines. 25 good years on moving Filipino lives to a better.
The corresponding value of 3.5 million pesos from the mosaic shall be donated to 25 elementary public schools for multimedia learning tools and equipment across the Philippines.

Western Union have connected to Filipino people no matter where they are in the world, back to their homes.
As a remittance company, Western Union became the channel to connect to their loved ones in a very fast and reliable and efficient manner.
Through Western Union foundation, they have pledged over 2.6 million to 61 non-government organizations since 2001. This was all for financial literacy and education purposes.
This coin mosaic was laid out across 250sqm of space to break the record of 156 sqm in UK. It is comprise to a close 500,000 coins from various denominations formed by 250 Western Union employees working day and night.

The logo of Western Union is the image of a rising sun that represents hope and a brighter future while the abstract above symbolizes the company's ambition for the young children who will benefit the project.

Both logo and tagline 25 years of moving money for better celebrate the company's commitment towards better life for the Filipino's financial problem.
Forming the mosaic was their way of giving back to Filipino people that helped them become what they are today.
The employees' passion for this purpose was reflected at the coin mosaic.

Western Union started operations in the Philippines way back in 1990 and has already expanded to more than 8000 locations nationwide.
Across the globe, Western Union has over 500,000 agent locations in over 200 countries and territories.

You can also be part of this in your own small way by sending money to your loved ones today. Visit http://www.wu.com/ for more information.

Congratulations once again, Western Union!

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